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30 Minute Spin February 16, 2017 – “Back To Basics”

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Basic is defined as “the essential facts or principles of a subject or skill.” This ride is a 30 minute focus on the basics of riding: posture, cadence, proper gear, the importance of a steady tempo… all of these are covered in this short, but challenging, sweat session!

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User Photo 31997

Just coming back to spinning and so glad for this class. Love, love, love SSOD!
Thanks for posting your music, Mike.
Great choices for a great ride…Dharma Dogz…Put the cool in cool down. Looking forward to more! ❤?

Awesome. I “discovered” Mike during the 11 instructor ride, and think his style is awesome and zen-like. As a former college swimmer (who loved spacing out and going for miles and miles), this style is great and really challenging! Definitely going to check out the rest of his classes!

Another sneakily tough ride with Master Mike. I love your style of coaching and riding and choose your classes when I need a side of Zen with my sweat. Fabulous class as usual!
Heather W

It seemed like you were out for a while. Didn’t think to check the 30 minute rides. Sometimes this is just the perfect way to make it happen. Sometimes it’s tough to talk myself into an hour ride but can usually do at least 30 to remind the muscles and brain it isn’t so bad. Makes the hour ride more likely. Definitely a different music list but I like the rhythm, tempo stretches. Mark

Great ride! Enjoyed the music and the reminders on form are always a welcome. I had issues with the sound, but realized it was my external speaker. I guess I was in the zone and not paying attention to the charge on my speaker. 🙂

User Photo 1261

This was perfect today. I wasn’t in the mood for a bunch of pop music and lots of chatter. Had a great workout and ended dripping in sweat. (Be warned that there’s not much standing.)

Second time with this class. Did a tough TRX yesterday and am really sore, but want to workout. This class is perfect. Still tough, but ‘steady’. Great workout, Mike.

Hi Mike,

I’m “zamboni” Dennis’ son over in London. I’m in the middle of my busy season for work and hadn’t had a spin for ages. My pops suggested this one to get back into it. Perfect fit, big build up on the ride and a finish DEAD ON 500 calories. Thanks for the great ride. Don’t give Dennis too much sympathy though, he hasn’t had to clear much snow in the last 2 years, so he was due.

User Photo 1803

Hi Guys and Gals!!

I appreciate all the wonderful comments! I’ve been asked about my music set. I’m happy to share the songs and artists (in order):

24k Magic — Bruno Mars
Africa Bamba — Carlos Santana
Howling for You -_ The Black Keys
Ready for Action — Crystal Method
Start the Machine — Angels & Airwaves
Weapons of Mass Destruction — Crystal Method
Bolo Hari — Dharma Dogz

There you go. Happy riding to all of you and I look forward to our nest session together!


User Photo 770

Very cool thing–I did this class exactly a week ago and clocked in 11.6 miles; today I did the exact same ride and increased my distance to 13.2 miles! The extra focus and intensity of working this ride a second time really paid off!

User Photo 1388

Love! Love! Love! Love this ride!!! Thank you Spin Master Mike!!! Great playlist! Your rides are not just a workout…they are a journey! An experience! I love them and look forward to them! Thank you, again!!!! I’m so glad you have healed so well from your car accident!!!! Whew!!!

User Photo 1388

Thanks again Mike for this awesome ride! I injured my knee…not bike related…and as part of the healing and strengthening process…the orthopedic surgeon said I need to ride my bike 30 minutes a day, every day! I really appreciate your advice at the end of the class. If I concentrate, I can get as much out of these 30 minute rides as I did when I paced myself in the 45 or 55 minute rides. That makes my heart soar! I will focus and concentrate during these 30 minute rides so I get the absolute most out of each one! I will work at making this a habit. Then, as my doctor allows me to do longer rides, I will keep up this focus to always get the most out of my spinning classes! Thanks again!!! You ROCK!!!

User Photo 1803

Wendy, I love your testimony! Congrats on your recovery as well. I appreciate you getting that a 30 minute assault is equivalent to a 60 minute ride — and produces awesome results.

Mike, I agree 45 minutes is the sweet spot but I appreciate your 30 minute classes on days like this when I start looking for excuses to not workout, then figure well I’ll just do 30, and it turns out to be a good little burn, and I always feel better after. Thanks.

User Photo 1803

Cheryl, After reading your kind compliment, I skimmed through the video (which is rare — I never watch myself after taping), in order to remember my playlist. Even for me, that was an unusual set. 🙂

Zen Master: Long time no ride; great to ride with you again. This spin, as I call it, the cardiologist’s dream ride. Work hard, recover a bit, work harder recover a bit and then work harder. The logic behind it is undeniable. I’m not climbing the Plateau Gran St Bernard, but I want my heart to work. Your class designs always accomplish the task at hand. Thanks again for a great spin.

Shoveling snow daily during these “atmospheric rivers” here in the Sierras. Getting back on my spin bike without snow on my driveway and decks is truly a reward in itself. Thanks again for a great spin class.

As AJ said in her most recent 30 minute ride, do it again. Spending a week or more with you is a great idea. Thanks again.

I’ll think about your “Zamboni” line while I’m moving two feet of snow on Sunday morning….Thanks for a great spin. A solid way to end the week.