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30 Minute Spin: Ride Hard? Recover Harder.

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Riding hard lately? Remember that intermixing lower-intensity workouts with your harder training sessions is key to your overall fitness, and it also promotes injury prevention! This is where recovery rides come in.

Recovery-style rides are perfect for beginners, people coming back from injury or sickness, or those just looking to workout muscles that are sore from yesterday’s workout. Plus, they’re ideal for those times when life happens and it’s been a while since your last ride. Enjoy this treat to your body.

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Great work out. . .loved working on endurance. Also, loved the reminders on relaxing shoulders, feet flat, etc.

That was great – like you tricked us into thinking it felt easy but the sweat running off my face revealed your deception – excellent

Mm2017. Needed a 30 min class after I realized Cat’s spin/core class was just under 25min. AJ loved your class!

Loved this workout! AJ is awesome, and I love her energy. I’m three months pregnant and wasn’t sure if I was ready to start spin again but this workout was great for reintroducing me to what I love. I have evergy and feel good. This workout reminded me how much I love spin. Definitely on my favorite’s list.
Thanks AJ!

MM2017 Week 1 SSOD workout #3! Exactly what I needed today AJ, was feeling a little under the weather but was able to get a good sweat in. I couldn’t help but push a little harder than recovery mode ?

MM2017 2/3….BUCKET O SWEAT! Recovery ride for many, hard work for this non compliant SSOD’r. Thank you

User Photo 47

Love, love this ride. Just what I needed to break a sweat but have tired legs from a tough week. Thanks AJ. MM2017

User Photo 766

MM2017 Another great recovery ride in the library. Thanks, AJ, for a great class! Still managed to sweat a bunch, because it’s my super power.

MM2017- I needed this today! Feeling a midweek slump in energy but I still got a good sweat on, thanks!

User Photo 110

Excellent class!! I think you would do awesome with an 80’s themed spin class!!! I would love it!! Thanks AJ!!

MM2017 Week #1 Workout #1
Just what I needed as I’m trying to get back into a routine after a long “vacation”

MM2017~Thanks AJ.. Great Recover ride, however I dont know how to not not work hard, so i worked up a good sweat..

MM2017. AJ, love the playlist and the class. This could easily be a hard class. Loved it! Thank you.

MM2017 I know I wasn’t suppose to sweat much but at 6:30 am in Kansas it’s 70 degrees with 90% humidity it is running off me. Excellent workout

User Photo 6176

Oh that sounds aweful! Well if you are gonna sweat anyways it’s best to burn some calories! Great job!

So glad to add this to my library! I need this on days my body needs the rest but I need to move. Thanks

User Photo 27949

You know how hard it is to wobble baby wobble baby back it up is while spinning? hahahaha 🙂 This is just what I needed this morning AJ! you might’ve been alone in the video but you weren’t alone out here in the virtual world!

User Photo 2982

Great class AJ just what the doctor ordered after a heavy class session on Sunday. Fab music choice as usual.

Long trail run yesterday and feeling it today. Rough Monday at work. Needed a work out but didn’t feel motivated until I got an email advertising AJ’s recovery ride. Better than perfect. Thank you!

AJ, you sparkle as does your class. Your smile and banter are infectious, especially when you toss in your music selection. What a great ride, kept it 70-85% MHR and enjoyed myself. There is always a need for a recovery ride, especially for us old dudes. Thanks again.

As you said before, come back and do this ride again. It’s even better second time around. Thanks!