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30 Minute Spin June 21, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

This ride has super fun and motivating songs that each take you through a specific riding profile. For this Spinning® workout, you’ll start with a warm-up, and then depending on the song, you’ll sit or stand your way through various hills, flats, jumps, and sprints. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the unbelievable amount of calories you’ll burn in such a short time, while also conditioning your core and lower body. Be sure to have water. You will need it! Cheers!!!

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Drive to 25 work out 3 ‘DONE’. I took your recommendation from the backstage pass class list …..thanx Cat .Fast ,hard & great core This will go on to one of my favs Good work Olga

User Photo 18475

Hi Olga even on this nice and short class you can actually increase the intensity to a different level and I think that 100 cal/10 minutes is good. And yes once again you kick my butt. But I mark this class as fav for those days like today that I do not have enough time.

I loved the crescendos in the music and that the lyrics. Very inspiring! And Olga’s comment,” You can do anything if you put your mind to it!”

User Photo 690

This was fantastic, Olga! I gave my all for every song, every song was tougher than the last, I am energized and feel great! Olganator has done it again! No Madonna this time, but I loved every song! That Bang Bang climb was something else! Thanks, Olga!

I really enjoyed the rhythm and music of this class. This is my second time with this routine and I’m sure it wont be my last. Till next time…

User Photo 47

How can you not have a smile on your face after a class with Olga! So much fun and goes by crazy fast.

User Photo 232

Olga – how do you spin so effortlessly when I am seriously working my butt off with those quarter turns!! Olganator rocks!! Seriously great spin and excellent music. Dripping sweat and feeling great!! Thank you so much!!

User Photo 227

Great one Olga!! It went by so fast with really good music and variety in the drills and I broke a big sweat – dripping actually! I can always count on you to kick my butt!!!

Other than the trainer torcher, this is my first class with Olga… I know how she got the nickname “Olganator” Wow!!! Don’t let the 30 minutes class fool you, that was straight up sweat zone. My legs are jelly!!!