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30 Minute Spin June 28, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Expect to work just below your top end in this SpeedCycle workout. You’re looking at pieces that change in cadence, but remain just under your breaking point of intensity throughout this express Spinning® class. Gearing properly is everything here. Go the distance, being mindful the entire set that you don’t go over the edge of no return. This is NOT on/off intervals… AKA threshold training. This IS endurance… working just below that edge and holding on. My guess is it’s gonna be a little harder than you think, but you’ll love it.

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User Photo 110

My first class with you Lisa and it was amazing. I loved it!! I think you should do more endurance training sessions. Thanks!!

great workout! I am fairly new and have alot of weight to lose. Are there some workouts that are better for me or should i just keep working about these?


User Photo 690

Just what I needed to day to spend some time on my bike! Effective, focused, great music, and now I am drenched! Thanks, Lisa!

User Photo 1261

Loved this class. As much as I “enjoy” HIIT, it’s nice to have an endurance ride. I really need a cadence monitor for my bike, but matching Lisa’s strokes worked just fine. Great music, too. Thanks!

Great class! As a novice biker, I found it a challenge to keep up due to lack of a counter on my bike… But, I still got a great workout!!! Thanks!!!

I did love it! As a former runner I miss those long run days that are all about endurance – thank you Lisa.

That was tough!!!! I love the endurance focus. Helped stay focused on my rpms!!! Love the music too!!

I loved the endurance focus, Lisa!! The music was killer too! I would love ito see some more of these endurance based classes on SSOD in the future. Thank you for an awesome workout.

User Photo 61

Blimey !!!!! Buckets of sweat …dripping off my chin , nose and elbows . Fantastic class , absolutely kicked my butt . Loved it , another added to favourites 🙂