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Spin Sculpt: Teen Time

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

Teen Time is a class that was designed for teens OR for those that feel young at heart! It was filmed live in San Diego, CA with an AWESOME group of teens at varying fitness levels, but equal amounts of energy.

The format is simple, but the class is not. Don’t let that scare you, just go at your own pace, but challenge yourself to push hard whether you’re on the bike or on the floor. There are 2 short, but killer, cardio blasts on the bike, along with 2 floor sets aimed at toning the entire body using nothing BUT your body as a way to get there. Time to ride tough… like a girl.

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User Photo 1261

Love how you encourage the kids. Your words to the girls were especially powerful. And I think those boys were trying to impress you! 🙂

User Photo 1388

I really really enjoyed this class. I liked all of the instruction as well. I feel I’m still at beginner level and I’m always learning something new or to improve my spinning. Great group of kids! Fun class! I loved the Q&A at the end! Its going on my faves!!! Thanks Cat!

User Photo 690

Cat, this was awesome! I am certain you planted lots of seeds of inspiration within those teens that day, as you do for all of us every day!

User Photo 690

…and I wasn’t done! lol Great workout! I am behind this week on my BSP, but I am going to be spending lots of time with you these next few days because I intend to make them all up! So this one is checked off! Thanks, Cat!

User Photo 690

Can’t wait to hear it! You know I love a shout out! 🙂 I am still working on last week’s BSP, but should be caught up after tomorrow and can’t wait to do your newest one!

User Photo 120

This workout was a perfect choice after being away camping for a few weeks.

Thank you for including the student questions at the end!

User Photo 8

Hi Heather. I’m glad you liked it. It was a blast that I’m glad you not only got to see, but kind of play along with!

User Photo 677

That was fun, or funny, me trying to keep up with the youngsters! Lol. I will have my daughters do this workout too.

User Photo 405

What an inspiration you are Cat! Thank you for sharing. Well, I must be strong, I am dripping with sweat!! Sure feels good to keep up with the kiddos and you of course! 😉

User Photo 47

Such a fun class and suprised at how having the kids there gave an extra dose of motivation. I did it for me!