» TRX Sculpt January 8, 2015

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  • Date: January 8, 2015
  • Length: 51:12
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TRX Sculpt January 8, 2015

Equipment: TRX®

You are so… in for a treat with this TRX® Body Sculpting workout with power trainer Carolyn! Get warm with a series of dynamic exercises that’ll get your body loose and your heart pounding before moving to the core of the workout. I’m talking about strength, power, and plyo movements that’ll flat out carve you up! Then it’s TRX® time. Here you’ll feel it everywhere, but Carolyn seems to really target the beautiful muscles of the back, while adding in moves that spike the heart-rate high through powerful lower body driven movements, aimed at leaning out the legs. Oh, it’s not over my friend. Expect another super-set on the floor, followed by a core driven TRX® finisher that’ll hurt so good! Let’s call this the EVERYthing & EVERYwhere workout. Simply awesome.

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User Photo 47

What a great class with some super fun moves. My muscles will feel that tomorrow and it was just what I needed. Thanks Carolyn.

There are a lot of excellent combo moves, but pace is was too slow compared to most SSOD workouts. I found myself doing extra in between and kinda bored. Sorry won’t be doing this one again


What a joy you are! Such a great addition to the team!!!! Loved the new moves…very challenging. I agree with Doria…let’s sweat more together too with a Spin Sculpt. LOL! Or TRX Spin! Your level of experience is very obvious…wonderful!!!!!

Elaine!! Thank you for those words that continue to remind me why I do what I do! I LOVE TEAM STUDIO SWEAT! They challenge me as much I challenge you!

User Photo 690

Carolyn, you are an amazing addition to our SSOD family! You have such a calm and friendly personality combined with a killer, challenging workout! I wasn’t strong enough to do a couple of the multi-planar moves, but I WILL get there one day with your help and I will do this workout again to get there! I can’t wait to spin with you! Thanks for all the form tips and modifications! You are a talented instructor! 🙂

You are so good for my ego Jennifer! Thank you for taking the class and taking the time to comment. If you could do all the moves right now with ease, then I wouldn’t be doing my job. I am glad to hear we have room to grow. It is important to stay challenged otherwise you won’t benefit like you should. Your body is a well oiled machine. As long as you keep it guessing, and it doesn’t get the chance to fully acclimate to the workouts you do, you will gain strength and endurance. It will be a great journey. XOXO

User Photo 227

Carolyn you are a fantastic trainer!!! Excellent workout. I do not have a TRX but I easily modified with dumbbells. Your coaching and positive and friendly demeanor are great attributes. And you are cut!! You need to do a spin sculpt!!! Thank you so much for joining Studio Sweat and hope to see many more classes from you!!

WOW. I am so humbled by your comment. Thank you so so much for the compliments Doria. I appreciate that. I love teaching and have been doing it for 30 years!! It’s comments like this that make me keep going. 🙂

Hi Carolyn and welcome to Studio Sweat it great to have onboard your first class was so awesome love the active warm up and cool down stretchs. Your TRX and sculpting is amazing and so well pace to!! Your cueing is great and I to look forward to doing so many more of your classes!! Thank you so many again!!

David… THANK YOU for comments. I love what I do and to be able to touch peoples lives that are not even IN the studio is amazing to me!! I am so glad to be on board and to be able to add the on demand folks to my hopefully long list of fitness enthusiasts that I have had some impact on. XOXO

User Photo 120

This was a JOY!

Do not give in to your (read MY) negative self-talk that TRX is hard because Carolyn makes it completely doable.

I appreciate Carolyn’s positive attitude, helpful verbal cuing and calm pacing through out.

There is something here for all ability levels.

I’ll be back to do this class again!

User Photo 232

Hi Carolyn! You are amazing and I want to be the first to say that I am so looking forward to more workouts from you – spin sculpts, spin cores, total body workouts – all of them! I do NOT have a TRX, but all the moves involving the TRX I easily modified with dumbbells and compound moves. For your last TRX move, I did wall work that Rebecca has taught us so well about. Just an excellent class all the way around! A big welcome aboard from me! 🙂

I don’t have a TRX however was interested on what the class entailed, GREAT class. I’m thinking there is enough floor work without the TRX.

To my fellow Studio Sweat online class mates I would say DO NOT dismiss this class just because you don’t have a TRX. There is an excellent workout here, give it a try. Well done Carolyn