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SSoD Articles

Ride Better Workshop with Master Mike

Good riders are made, not born. This training session deals with how to improve your ride, indoor or out. Before thinking about how to improve, it’s incumbent upon you to determine your overall goal is. We, of course, cover body

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Getting to Know Trainer Mike!

  Many consider Mike as the Studio SWEAT instructor who consolidates road riding, body & mind integration, and playlists, with songs that seem everlasting into his cycling classes. But, what else is there to know about Master Mike? Intellectual conversations


How Well Do You Know Bethany?

  When it comes to fitness, everyone knows that Bethany brings the Gold Standard. Making fat cells cry and muscles fry is her specialty. Everyone who takes a class with Bethany knows that every workout has a different routine and


How Well Do You Know Mere W?

  Trainer Mere W, is a figure that represents the Studio SWEAT spirit to a tee.  After 10 years in the US Coast Guard, Mere decided to leave it all behind and pursue her true passion – fitness and helping


SSoD Nutrition Workshop with R.D. Miriam

  Let’s learn about Nutrition in this 60 min Nutrition Workshop with SSoD’s Registered Dietitian, Miriam! Miriam will present Intuitive Eating Techniques and Functional Fueling. She will discuss the following: Diet efficacy Why should we Intuitively Eat? How to awaken your Intuitive Eating

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SSoD Goes Live!

  Hey all you SSoDers! You’ve probably seen the emails and social media posts, and you may have already taken our initial live classes, but we just wanted to let you all know that we’ve officially added this live class


Supplement Savvy – May 2017 Focus on Food

  This month I want to discuss supplements. Supplement talk is a massive one, so I am narrowing the focus to choosing quality brands and which ones I generally recommend. As always, don’t just be adding a new supplement without


Are You Okay?

  Settling Versus Really Living   How ya doin’?  Are you “fine”?  Probably, and you’re not alone.  How many people do you think are settling?  If I had to guess I would say most.  You stay in a relationship because


What is the Studio SWEAT onDemand S.W.A.R.M.? Check it out!

Hello there! This is Briauna here, the S.W.A.R.M. 2017 Event Coordinator. What is S.W.A.R.M. you may ask? Well, that is a great question! S.W.A.R.M. stands for Sweat With At-home Riders Movement and it basically means what you are thinking, it

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Pizza! – April 2017 Focus on Food

  This month I would like to talk about Pizza! I’ve been into them. What’s more is they are super balanced with their macronutrients. What’s that you say? Basically, they provide you with a nice blend of carbs, protein, healthy


Bread Bonanza – March 2017 Focus on Food

This month is National Nutrition Month! Hooray!!! Can you feel the nutrient buzz in the air?! I thought we would talk about bread. The answer is, yes, you can eat bread. Don’t be silly, you can. It’s about choosing wisely.


Sugar Talk – January 2017 Focus on Food

Recently, Cat and I did a vlog about the “no sugar diet.” I’ve decided to expand on that since it’s a hot topic lately. While this is wayyyyy less harmful than say an Atkins or Low Calorie plan, there are some