Ride Better Workshop with Master Mike

Good riders are made, not born. This training session deals with how to improve your ride, indoor or out. Before thinking about how to improve, it’s incumbent upon you to determine your overall goal is.

We, of course, cover body positioning and technique on the bike, but then we also spend time discussing targeted outcomes for either improving strength, losing weight, or just getting a solid workout.

There is nothing more important in a cycling workout than matching tempo and gear. Mike will tell you how you can tell whether or not you have proper gear settings when you’re climbing, on speed rides, and on flat road simulations.

Finally, we talk about how it is not always in your best interest to push yourself as hard as you can. Cycling is about more than just aerobic capacity; cycling is about technique, positioning, cadence, gear selection, and consistency. Nail those things and you’ll most certainly… Ride Better!

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