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“The Beach Burn 500” Workout with Cat Kom and Brian!

Each Round should take 5 to 6 minutes – So do as many rounds as you can! 1. Inch Worm Push-Up 50 yards (25 yards each direction, or 25 reps in place) 2. Bear Crawl (25 yards each direction, or

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SNEAKY SUGAR! 10 “Healthy” Foods that May Actually Be Contributing to Weight Gain

Cat Kom and Bethany talk about foods that have more sugar than you might think.

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8 Tips for Spinning® Instructors to Teach Jumps on Tempo to the Music even if you can’t hear beat well!

Tips:  1) Get the song tempo using an app like DJ Player  2) Do not do jumps to songs faster then 85bpm. bpm is the same as rpm btw! 3) Have a plan and know the song (jumps the entire

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SSoD Trainer Spotlight: Mere W, AKA “Military Mere”. Let’s find out what she’s all about!

Learn a little more about SSoD Trainer Mere W. as she talks with Cat Kom!

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How can I tell if my heart rate reading is accurate? Is My heart rate belt right?

Cat Kom and Bethany talk about getting accurate data with heart rate monitors, and how that relates to the different training zones and RPE. Other heart rate videos: -Is it IMPORTANT to know your HEART RATE during a WORKOUT? Why?

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How do heart rate straps work? Is the MyZone Heart Rate Belt a Good Choice? Why or Why Not?

Cat & Bethany talk about how the heart rate straps work and the benefits of using one. They specifically talk about the MyZone belt, but also give other good options that can be used for heart rate training.

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5 Tips on How to Drink Enough Water, Plus SSoD Shout Outs!

64 ounces per day? Seriously? How on earth am I gonna do that. I know, I used to think that too, but it’s time to drink up… and I don’t mean at your next happy hour. In her latest stay-healthy

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Getting the Most out of Studio SWEAT onDemand | Heather from Canada LIVE @Studio SWEAT in San Diego!

Cat Kom, Mere W., Bethany, and Mike talk with SSoD’er Heather from Canada as she visits us in San Diego!

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Triathlon Training on Your Spinning Bike – How to Train for a Triathlon Using an Indoor Cycling Bike

Cat Kom & Sidekick Bethany talk about how you can Train for a Triathlon Using Your Spinning or Indoor Cycling bike!

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  Hey all you SWEATers! Here in San Diego, there’s a magazine called Best Self, which is “quite simply, a lifestyle Magazine created to provide information, tools, and local resources to help readers realize their potential and live their best


Is Standing in a Spinning Class Better Than Sitting? What Difference Does it Make?

Cat Kom and Mike talk about sitting and standing in an Indoor Cycling class.

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Best Exercises for Shoulder Injuries and Injury Prevention! Cat Kom gives you solid advice!

*Click Here to see The Shoulder Exercises Crusty Old Paper Cat was Holding. It has images and descriptions for each exercise.* Did you know that shoulder injuries are among the hardest to recover from AND the most common injuries in

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