Best Upper Body Exercises to Warm Up (or Heal) the Shoulders

Why & How to Avoid Injury to Your Shoulders

Ouch, shoulder injuries sure are a pain! And they’re fairly common – as a matter of fact, the shoulder joint is the most commonly injured joint in the body. That might be in part because we forget to warm them up before throwing around a lot of heavy weights or perform other upper-body exercises. Years ago, Cat Kom herself tore her rotator cuff while messing around doing pull-ups one day without properly warming up first!

Wisely, we get a lot of requests from our members for a shoulder-specific warmup, so Cat Kom has a solution coming your way! She’s created a 6-minute shoulder warmup session that you’re going to love! You’ll run through 11 amazing exercises you can do with very light weights (Cat uses 3 pound weights), cans of soup, or even no weight at all. It’s just so important to get your shoulders warm just like you do with the rest of your body, so you’re gonna want to add this new warmup straight to your favorites.

Click this link to get the workout, and for tons of great body sculpting, fat torching workouts, check out a Free Trial over on Studio SWEAT onDemand! Download the app, or if you happen to live in southern California, visit us in our San Diego studio.