How Well Do You Know Bethany?


When it comes to fitness, everyone knows that Bethany brings the Gold Standard. Making fat cells cry and muscles fry is her specialty. Everyone who takes a class with Bethany knows that every workout has a different routine and provides a challenging and fun way to hit muscles you never even knew you had!

Undoubtedly, Bethany has changed many lives, but what drives her to be this spunky and inspirational? I had the opportunity to sit down with Bethany and discover her psychological depths and how deeply she cares for various things that you wouldn’t find out from an hour spin sculpt session!

So…who is Bethany? 

1. What is your idea of perfect bliss?

Although many might argue…having my family by my side is my idea of perfect bliss. Before becoming a mother, going to the beach or on a weekend getaway without any responsibilities keeping me home was a blissful vision but all of this has changed. It’s like I’ve been able to allow Nintendos and homemade play dough recipes fill up the spot in my brain that independence occupied before.

2. What historical figure do you most identify with?

Although my mother did teach history… she didn’t discover penicillin or popularize the theory of evolution. She was just my mother but also my hero nonetheless. She taught me how to be fearless and have thoughts on everything and wear them without insecurity. She walked in her worth, exuded the meaning of woman empowerment and the importance of being a lady.

Granted, we are completely different but I will always aspire to be like her. She deserves a lifetime of thank you’s because she gave me the chance to grow up with love, compassion and gave me a beautiful world view.


3. If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Invisibility is obviously the best choice. I could sneak into rooms and places I wouldn’t normally get into. I could travel on those missionary trips to Africa with Brad Pitt or peruse Julianne Hough’s kitchen to discover her secrets on staying so thin. Some might call this stalking but I call it investigating! Also, sometimes we all need to hide and have a respite from everything so I can definitely do that too with invisibility! And lastly, I would never lose another “Hide and Seek” round with my kids..that might just be the best perk.

4. What’s your favorite kind of music and why?

My class playlists consist of a multitude of genres but I’m undoubtedly a country girl at heart. Many might argue that country music is all about parties, hot girls, money makers and moonshine but I’ve managed to see the light in it! It reminds me of childhood bonfires, staying up until sunrise, shooting off fireworks until morning and sitting in the back of a pickup truck marveling at the stars.

I also absolutely abhor live concerts so maybe you’re asking the wrong person about music. I’ve been to too many forgettable concerts even of my favorite artists. After experiencing endless mosh pits and forgetting to bring ear plugs, I’d rather just hear the performance on track where every note is finely tuned and edited and the singer doesn’t mess up their own lyrics!

5. Which words or phrases do you overuse the most?

In my classes, I’m guilty of overusing the phrase “Let’s Go.” So if you didn’t catch me saying it in the beginning of class..don’t worry. Just wait three minutes and I’ll be caught chanting it again!

When it comes to my kids, they can anticipate a preemptive no at any given moment….just kidding! I actually majored in being a “Yes Mom.” Imagine a world in which all you ever heard was “Yes” and that’s 365 days of the year at the Murray Residence. I noticed when saying “no” to my kids, things just got more out of control and they learn nothing from having all their needs and requests constantly shut down.

So that’s why i say yes…although I will always say no to glitter.

6. Describe the workout you’ve designed that you love the most.

Many are under the impression that weightlifting is strictly for men who are looking to get “swole” but lifting isn’t just for the boys! Don’t let the last “bro” you encountered at your commercial gym ruin lifting. I love watching my body go through changes when I push hard enough and the variety of exercises and lifts keeps me challenged and engaged. Whichever weight, plyos and exercise I select, I’m guaranteed to feel more powerful after.

7. Which talent would you most like to have?

I harbor great jealousy for those who posses beautiful and perfectly pitched vocal chords. I would give anything to have a voice of a popstar but unfortunately, I can barely carry the “happy birthday” tune. Many have said that my singing can be improved through practice…like how going to the gym improves your physique but even with training, I’ve accepted I will never have Mariah Carey’s belting range or Amy Winehouse’s raspy and seductive bar voice.

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

At barely 5 feet even I must say I wish I was taller. Although the days of every bouncer questioning my age and double checking my ID carefully are over, some people still don’t take me seriously. Granted, I rarely take myself seriously, but with tallness comes physical power and capability that short people just lack! Every compliment I have ever received includes the adjective “cute” but when will this “cute” girl transition to sexy? Plus, having to climb up onto the kitchen bench for the sugar that my husband always puts onto the highest shelf sucks. And how is it that pants which are labeled as “short” are still too long!?