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SSoD Articles

How do I talk to my teen about Nutrition & Fitness? Cat & Bethany Talk to teens. WORTH WATCHING!

Cat Kom and Super Sidekick Bethany were asked to come speak to a very special group of teen girls about Nutrition & Fitness. This is a VERY tough topic to tackle with teen girls so we encourage you to take

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Message from Cat Kom Founder & Head Trainer at Studio SWEAT onDemand Hey Hey Beautiful People. Look around you and look inside you.  How many people do you think are settling?  I think it’s a heck of a lot of


Cat Kom’s 30-Minute Workout

Cat, I have 30 minutes and I don’t even have time to pull up an SSoD SpeedSculpt or SpeedSpin. What do I do!?! I’ll tell you cuz I wrote this in 6 minutes then knocked it out in 30 and


Food additives you probably ate today & how safe they really are – June 2015 Focus on Food

Hey guys MJ here. I know good and well how ridiculous all the information is out there on the safety of food additives. We hear it all… An insanely genius resource is from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. It’s

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All About Dairy – May 2015 Focus on Food

Just like there’s been buzz lately about “Gluten Free,” there’s been a lot of talk about “Dairy Free,” too! This has been a frequent topic with clients, especially those hitting roadblocks with weight loss. So to help you out, I put


How Your Body Processes Alcohol for Dummies

How Your Body Processes Alcohol Food in your diet must be digested before being absorbed by your cells, but alcohol included in your diet flows directly through your body’s membranes into your bloodstream, which carries alcohol to nearly every organ


Omega Whats? – February 2015 Focus on Food

Hi folks! Let’s talk about healthy fats, particularly Omega 3,6,9. I am sure you have heard about how essential Omega fats are for you and even seen supplement bottles labeled Omega 3,6,9.  I’m going to break it on down for you


Protein Solutions – December 2014 Focus on Food

Hey my Super SWEATY family! MJ here. Whether it be meat, grilling techniques, or muscle building properties, most people understand that proteins are considered the “building blocks” of our body’s tissue.  Many people are interested in protein because our bodies need it to rebuild


On-The-Road Workouts

No equipment needed, just that body! Total Body: Spin®Sculpt or RunSculpt December 19, 2013 SpeedSculpt/RunSculpt Class August 19, 2012 Small Group Training July 27, 2014 Small Group Training May 30, 2013 (just need a resistance band for this one) SpeedSculpt