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What our SWEATers say!

Picture of Cara from Columbia, MO

I had multiple people ask how I was able to stay so fit after my knee surgery.  The answer was always easy; SSoD! 

"The biggest compliment came from my surgeon. He could not believe how fit I was… I told him I rode A LOT…  He gave me a look and I could see his doubt.  I simply quoted Cat Kom and said “These are not your mama’s spin classes”…"  Read more >>

Cara from Columbia, MO

* Results may vary

Picture of Rusty from Fort Worth, TX

Thanks SSoD, my wife loves the new me.  

"I was hooked with SSoD from day one. Results – March 18th weighed 232.6. March 21st 226.6, body fat 27.2 Muscle mass 32.1. April 20th, 2015 Weight 213.6 body fat 24.5, Muscle Mass 33.6. Thanks SSoD, my wife loves the new me.  …"  Read more >>

Rusty from Fort Worth, TX

* Results may vary

Picture of Heather from Canada

With the help of Studio SWEAT OnDemand, what had become my overpriced laundry rack was swiftly morphed…

"With the help of Studio SWEAT OnDemand, what had become my overpriced laundry rack was swiftly morphed back into a spin bike and it has changed my life; enabling others to implement positive health and fitness changes regardless of your ability level; online community of like-minded people.…"  Read more >>

Heather from Canada

* Results may vary

Picture of Trish, Cat's Sister from Seattle

Down 83 lbs, and went from a size 18 to a size 6. Amazing!

"Cat Kom said this regarding her very own sister, “Trish decided enough was enough and in 11 months she made huge changes which, of course, included working out from home with SSoD!… Down 83 lbs, and went from a size 18 to a size 6. Amazing.”…"  Read more >>

Trish from Seattle, WA

* Results may vary

Picture of Harald from Ederveen, Netherlands

I looked at myself and I realized I had to change my lifestyle…

"SSoD helped me to enjoy working out again and changed my focus on food completely. Of course you need to do it yourself, but without you guys I probably would not have succeeded!…"  Read more >>

Harald from Ederveen, Netherlands

* Results may vary

Picture of Lorna from Canada

Lost 20lbs between September and December. Then lost 10 after..

"Lost 20lbs between September and December. Then lost 10 after. I am addicted and decided if I am to spend money on anything that SSoD was worth it… I still have a ways to go, but you’re my motavation…"  Read more >>

Lorna from Canada from Cocagne, New Brunswick, Canada

* Results may vary

Picture of Silvia from France

THANK YOU CAT for guiding and leading this amazing journey!!!

"Since starting SSoD back in Feb 2013 I have noticed huge improvements with my health and body that all my previous fitness trainings didn’t give me! I was doing pretty good and training hard with my SSoD favorite classes, but it wasn’t until the Back Stage Pass came along that I really understood what Cat always says… out of your comfort zone is when magic happens!!!…"  Read more >>

Silvia from France

* Results may vary

Picture of Carla from Hoboken, NJ

I am so happy to have found your terrific website. I have always been…

"During the past 6 months, I have had surgery for a brain aneurysm and a kidney transplant… I joined the SSoD All Access Pass and love trying out all of the classes. I try to do at least one a day!  It has been a God-send in my recovery!…"  Read more >>

Carla from Hoboken, NJ

* Results may vary

Picture of Diana from New Jersey

So my win is not giving up and finding something I love in the comfort of my home…

"My aim was to find something I enjoyed in the comfort of my own home… So I bought a spinning bike. I tried watching videos on YouTube at first, but it was always the same classes with the same music… I stumbled on SSoD, tried the free class with Cat and from then on I was hooked. SSOD saved my winter workouts!…"  Read more >>

Diana from New Jersey

* Results may vary

Latest on Studio SWEAT onDemand
  • Your legs will never feel more solid than they will after this 15 Minute Leg Workout with one of SSoD’s most inspirational trainers, Rebecca. It’s a solid circuit, designed to really hit you hard below the belt.

    There are several options given to make the moves work for every fitness level, so it is something you can handle – it just won’t be easy. You didn’t come here for easy though, did ya? Let it burn!

  • Good riders are made, not born. This training session deals with how to improve your ride, indoor or out. Before thinking about how to improve, it’s incumbent upon you to determine your overall goal is. We, of course, cover body

  • Well, all I can say about this one is that you get a real taste of what an in-studio class with Coach Mere feels like, because she forgot until she came in to teach that the cameras would be there too! Doesn’t really matter though because she brought it, just like she always does!

    Enjoy fun jams from the 80s to today during this sweat soakin’ full body workout that is sure to equate to serious calorie burn. Bring it!