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    TRX Cardio: Solid & Soaked in Small Spaces

    In this amazing TRX Toner, not a lot of room is a required, but a “can do” attitude is because this incredible TRX Cardio workout is designed to be done in small spaces, and it ain’t no joke! After a quick warm up, we grab our TRX straps and don’t let it go for 40 sweat soaking minutes! It’s non-stop super sets designed to keep your heart rate high and your body moving, allowing you to crush some major calories, and in a short amount of time. Time to get soaked and solid!

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    Total Body Sculpt January 26, 2017

    This action-packed 50-minute Total Body Workout will leave you sweaty, strong, and svelte! You will just need your TRX Straps and dumbbells. There is also an option to do dumbbell exercises instead of using the straps.

    Your entire body will be worked in multiple planes of motion, with cardio blasts in between strength sets. The intervals are only 30 seconds each, so get your mind right, and stay strong knowing that the last and most challenging reps are 30 seconds, or less, away!

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    Killer Cardio 20 Minute HIIT Workout October 9, 2016

    Get ready to fire it up fast with this killer 20 minute HIIT workout! And if you’re in a really big hurry, but you want to break a quick sweat, you can make it a 10 minute HIIT workout.

    10 Full-Body, High-Intensity Exercises for 45 seconds each, with 15 seconds breathers between them, is what you’re gonna do. That’s right, you ARE gonna do that! And the cool part is that you’ll even have fun. I swear! You can’t help to with this one, to be honest. So do some body warm-ups (like jumping jacks), make sure you have something you can do a tricep dip on, and let’s get this thing done!

    PS- If you have TRX straps, grab them to spice this bad boy up.

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    TRX Cardio July 10, 2016

    Get ready to blast calories with this Killer Cardio and TRX circuit that combines fat-scorching cardio intervals with body toning strength and core sets. You’ll incorporate intense periods of work with short needed recovery segments. Your legs will be shaking, your heart will be pounding, and your body will be SWEATing buckets!!! We’re talking maximum intensity that’ll keep your body burning fat well after you complete this workout!

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    TRX Cardio January 31, 2016

    CARDIO is right! I mean there are some killer TRX exercises in this 40 minute sweat soaking virtual class, but people’s hearts and lungs were challenged the entire time with 45 second heart charging bursts. AND… the cool thing is that Cat was still able to fire up every major muscle group with core carving TRX and body weight exercises too. So, you add that fat melting cardio to the sculpting strength training and you have one he** of a workout people. Git it.

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    TRX Cardio August 2, 2015

    All right TRX® SWEAT PEEPS, get ready to rock and transform that body. You’re going to carve and tone, as well as challenge yourself with heart pumping cardio drills to keep you sweating non-stop. You… Won’t… Stop. Three big super sets Studio SWEAT style. Go get it!

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    TRX Cardio February 22, 2015

    This one is gonna feel oh so good… when you’re done. Ha! Really though, every muscle you own will likely be sore! Each super-set has 3 exercises each done 3 times. Combine that with a 3 min cardio burst in between each super-set and you know what happens? One heck of a killer calorie burn, along with a SOLID BODY! The back gets a lot of love in this one… who doesn’t want a chiseled back??? But don’t worry, we give a little extra to the hamstrings and obliques too. Actually, really no muscle is forgotten in this hour of pure insanity. So go grab your TRX® strap and get it done!

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    TRX Cardio September 7, 2014

    You have been heard y’all and this class had each of you in mind! Trainer Brooke takes you through 5 Rounds strictly ON the TRX®, followed by ascending ladder cardio drills on the floor. You’ll be challenging your body and going beyond what you thought it was capable of doing. Oh, YES YOU CAN!!!

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    TRX Cardio June 26, 2014

    You’re going to love this fast paced, high energy class, full of non-stop action, including cardio drills and various exercise techniques using your power tool, TRX! This is going to be the ultimate test of your physical stamina, muscular strength and endurance. Your metabolism will sky rocket with the constant moving and changing pace. Don’t waste anymore time. Get to it!

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    TRX Cardio March 16, 2014

    Get ready for one of the absolute best TRX® Total Body Workouts you’ve ever experienced. Take traditional and innovative TRX® exercises and partner them with high intensity interval drills to spike the heart rate which, among other benefits, can increase your metabolism and muscular endurance. With a workout like this just watch and feel how you can quickly increase lean body mass and muscle endurance, while decreasing your body fat percentage. Let’s go!

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    TRX Cardio October 10, 2013

    You know it’s a body changing workout when you immediately feel that “Oh so Good Sore”. This is going to burn baby so be prepared, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 5 solid rounds TRX drills, 4-6 minutes each, followed by 1-3 minute cardio blasts that are going leave you breathless! Are you up for the challenge? YES YOU ARE!

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    TRX Cardio August 8, 2013

    Get ready to be DRENCHED in SWEAT… and I mean DRENCHED! This 60 minute class is filled with non stop cardio-kicking TRX® drills that are going to have your body screaming. A combo of 30 second and 1 minute HIIT intervals with 15-20 second rests in between each exercise, followed by 2 minutes of Cardio blasts. Even Trainer Brooke was screaming mercy! Change… that… body!