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    Ab & Core March 5, 2017 – “5 Min Burn”

    This 5 minute ab workout is perfect if you want to tighten that tummy! It’s a Tabata style workout that hits your midsection from every angle. When you finish, your abs will be on fire!!!

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    Pilates 5 Ab Series October 23, 2016

    5 Minute Abs Baby! Flatten and firm it fast with the Pilates inspired 5 Ab Series. Great for date night, beach day, or to tag onto any other Studio SWEAT onDemand workout as a finisher!

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    Ab & Core July 3, 2016

    Just over 15 minutes of core carving moves where the only exercise repeated are 50 reps of crunches to make it an even 100!

    There are modifications offered to make the sets more challenging and intense, or to bring it down a notch to be less intimidating and more manageable. So… there are no excuses for you to not go after this. Have fun working towards flat abs and firm obliques!

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    Ab & Core December 27, 2015

    This ab/core class is not your traditional ab routine, but I guarantee your abs WILL BE SORE done right. How do I know? Because I did this yesterday and mine are sensitive as heck today. LOVE IT! Miriam starts us out with dance inspired leg extensions with crunches in counts of 8. Then on your feet for a ladder count with challenging balance moves such as around the world karate kicks and lunges with a twist and leg lift. It’s good fun! Very mental, but in the best way possible. Only a mat needed, shoes optional.

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    Ab & Core October 1, 2015

    Let’s not lie and claim that after this amazing ab workout you’re gonna walk away with six pack abs. That’s called false advertising. However, you can expect fantastic ab flattening and awesome core exercise geared at building mid-section strength.

    And with the core being the center of your strength zone, balance, and everyday function, that makes this a much needed workout, agreed!?! So let’s focus on that. Bethany masterfully hits all the major core muscle groups in what you’ll quickly claim one of your best ab workouts ever. Well, all right!

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    Ab & Core July 23, 2015

    This Ab Attack is designed to tap into your entire core from shoulder blades to hips! The workout is based on a timer so you want to pay close attention to the modifications mentioned so that you can finish each set… which will, in turn, progress you to the next level of your fitness goals. Oh yeah, a little poem for you.

    Your core
    Will be sore.
    The End 🙂

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    Ab & Core April 26, 2015

    All you need for this quick 20 minute killer Ab Attack is you and a towel… oh and your determination! You must have that CAN DO attitude to crush the core with two 30 second interval ab flatteners, followed by a 30 second core cardio move to MELT THE FAT away from that mid section. Don’t let that determination waiver… just get it done!

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    Ab & Core January 22, 2015

    Holy cow… do we have a full blown Ab Attack WITH CARDIO FAT MELTING too just for you! I’m talking about a solid 30 minutes of core & cardio. With every move only done in 30 second bursts you can give each one your absolute all. The goal is to not stop; do NOT give up! We hit your mid-section from every direction possible. And, trust me, you WILL feel it the next day! Remember, just keep going! You’ll be proud of yourself when it’s over. 🙂

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    Ab & Core November 20, 2014

    Set 1 ~ Core Warm-Up
    -Basic Crunch 20 reps
    -Bicycle 15 reps/side
    -High Reach Reverse Crunch (heels tap down) 10 reps
    -Slow Swimmer 10 reps/side
    Repeat 1x

    Set 2 ~ Killer Core
    -Reaching Walk-out Push-ups 10 reps
    -Elbow Plank till Everyone is Done or 30 seconds
    -Squat Thrusts or Burpees
    Repeat 1x

    Set 3 ~ Ab Flattening Classics
    -Sit-Ups 33 reps
    -Elbow Plank till Everyone is Done or 30 seconds
    -Classic Crunch in Reverse Table Top 33 reps
    -SuperMan 10 reps
    Repeat 2 x

    Set 4 ~ Pilates Influenced Flab Firmers
    -Roll-Ups 6 reps
    -Corkscrew 6 reps per side
    -Saw 6 reps per side alternating

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    Ab & Core June 1, 2014

    If you want swim suit worthy abs dedicate 20 short minutes to carve up that core by clicking play now! When it starts to burn, keep in mind it’s only 3 sets of exercises to get through with one quick burst in the middle to spike your heart rate to charge that metabolism! Have fun gettin’ it done and feelin’ it the next day!

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    Ab & Core: HARD CORE

    The name Ab Attack pretty much says it all: we truly attack the abs from every angle for 20 solid minutes! It’s a “hurt so good” feeling you’re gonna love and hate at the same time. Let’s crush ’em good guys!

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    Ab & Core December 15, 2013

    This core carving Ab Attack workout focuses on STABILITY. You’ll be in a variety of positions that challenge you to maintain solid control of your core. Face up, face down or even on your side keep those abs engaged, supporting the Low Back and Pelvic region. Starting with 2 sets of 4-30 second exercises to push your endurance and finishing with straight up Pilates work.