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    TRX Sculpt August 27, 2017

    Time to carve up that back, firm up those buns, and flatten those abs in this quick 30 minute Total Body TRX workout, where every major muscle group gets fired up – but the back, booty, and core definitely get extra attention. Nice!

    It all starts with a lean legs lunge and awesome abs series, before moving on to the back & arms. There you’ll focus on building upper body strength & lean muscle mass. Each set is topped off with a “fun” finisher to really ensure the burn, so let’s fire it up!

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    TRX Stretch July 16, 2017

    Grab your TRX straps, and get ready for a well deserved total body stretch. The TRX will allow you to get deep into those stretches and lengthen the muscles, by letting you work in a greater range of motion. We’ll start with the back, legs, and glutes, then we’ll move onto opening up the often missed chest, arms, and shoulders. Go on, hit play – you deserve it.

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    TRX Core June 23, 2017

    From the abs to the glutes, your core is going to get a solid once over in this amazing quick TRX workout, which you can load up when you’re wanting to flatten that belly for beach day or date night. It’s great to do stand alone, or as an add-on to any other workout. One round will take you about 6 minutes, or you can do it twice with us if you have 12. Enjoy the burn!

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    TRX Cardio: Solid & Soaked in Small Spaces

    In this amazing TRX Toner, not a lot of room is a required, but a “can do” attitude is because this incredible TRX Cardio workout is designed to be done in small spaces, and it ain’t no joke! After a quick warm up, we grab our TRX straps and don’t let it go for 40 sweat soaking minutes! It’s non-stop super sets designed to keep your heart rate high and your body moving, allowing you to crush some major calories, and in a short amount of time. Time to get soaked and solid!

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    TRX Sculpt May 4, 2017

    Stand tall ladies and gents, because this awesome TRX workout focuses on posture. We work on strengthening not only the back, but the shoulders, core, and glutes as well. All are important components when it comes to good posture.

    We’ll finish up with a stretch using TRX straps as well. The stretch is as important as any of the other parts of this workout, as we lengthen those muscles you just worked hard, so do NOT cut out early or you might look like Quasimodo! Proud chest – shoulders back and down. Let’s go.

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    Spin Sculpt (with TRX option) March 12, 2017

    Many of you will see a P.R. (personal record) for calorie burn in this Killer Spin Sculpt Fusion class, as 2 of Studio SWEAT’s most popular trainers, Cat & Brian, bring the heat!

    The format is simple… we ride, we sculpt on the floor, then we ride some more. There’s a perfect combination of fat frying interval and endurance drills, as well as power climbs and fast flats. Clearly the riding is awesome, but the body-toning floor work is just as incredible. Expect to fire up every major muscle group in a fun format, and using the tool(s) of your choice (either just dumbbells, or a combo of TRX and dumbbells). FIRE IT UP!

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    25 MIN TRX Total Body Blast March 6, 2017

    This is a TRX Total Body Blast in just 25 minutes, so grab those handles and don’t let go until the workout is done!

    We’ll start off strong with an upper-body-toning back & arm series, then move right to the legs for some single-sided drills that’ll sculpt the lower-body, as well as your core. We’ll then finish it off with a chest & ab burner to complete our full body attack! When you’re done, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your TRX Straps!

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    Total Body Sculpt January 26, 2017

    This action-packed 50-minute Total Body Workout will leave you sweaty, strong, and svelte! You will just need your TRX Straps and dumbbells. There is also an option to do dumbbell exercises instead of using the straps.

    Your entire body will be worked in multiple planes of motion, with cardio blasts in between strength sets. The intervals are only 30 seconds each, so get your mind right, and stay strong knowing that the last and most challenging reps are 30 seconds, or less, away!

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    Spin Sculpt (with TRX option) November 20, 2016

    Got Dumbbells? You can do this. Got TRX? Nice, that’s an option too! Either way, just add your indoor cycling bike and it is so… on. It all starts with about 30 minutes of killer endurance Spinning. Your heart rate will be high and your legs will feel the burn.

    Then with that body smokin’ warm, it is time to tone. Just grab your TRX straps or your dumbbells to get it done. “It” meaning dedicated upper body and core toning, followed by a little leg and glute burnout! It’s just a solid workout.

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    Killer Cardio 20 Minute HIIT Workout October 9, 2016

    Get ready to fire it up fast with this killer 20 minute HIIT workout! And if you’re in a really big hurry, but you want to break a quick sweat, you can make it a 10 minute HIIT workout.

    10 Full-Body, High-Intensity Exercises for 45 seconds each, with 15 seconds breathers between them, is what you’re gonna do. That’s right, you ARE gonna do that! And the cool part is that you’ll even have fun. I swear! You can’t help to with this one, to be honest. So do some body warm-ups (like jumping jacks), make sure you have something you can do a tricep dip on, and let’s get this thing done!

    PS- If you have TRX straps, grab them to spice this bad boy up.

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    30 Minute TRX September 29, 2016

    Get ready to hammer out an amazing HIIT workout (high intensity interval training workout) using just your TRX straps & that body. You’ll be transitioning back and forth between the body weight exercises and the TRX straps in a fun circuit style. Complete the circuit one time through for a 15 minute workout or two times through for the full 30 minute challenge!

    The reason these HIIT training workouts (where you work in intense periods with short recovery segments) are so popular is that they are scientifically proven to keep your body burning fat even after your workout is done. NICE!

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    30 Minute Sculpt August 11, 2016

    This full-body workout party is by invite only. All you have to do is bring the best of YOU, your TRX straps OR dumbbells & hit play to RSVP and get in on the body-toning, clothes-soaking fun!

    We start and finish this awesome TRX workout (or dumbbell workout if that’s your tool of choice) with 10 minute super-sets working every major muscle group with just enough cardio to keep that heart pumpin’ hard! But, that’s not all. The middle set is ~5 minutes of all-out legs and plyometrics that’ll test your limits and make the SWEAT rain!

    Fat cells beware… You’re about to be replaced with LEAN MUSCLE!