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    30 Minute Spin November 17, 2016

    Oh my heck! (a famous Utah saying). This is a butt-kicker of a 30 minute interval spin. We’ll be doing a little bit of everything to make the most out of our short time together. We’ve got to make some fitness gains! We’re gonna start with some glute recruiting standing, before moving to calorie-crushing speed intervals. Then we’re gonna finish with a grind of a climb. It’s time to put the work in. It’ll pay off – always does with a good spin, huh.

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    StraightUp Spin: The Action Packed Adventure Ride

    For those of you that think a full hour Spinning class is boring or just too much… tell me that after you take this awesome, action packed, nothing but Spinning Workout! It’s got it all – heart pounding jumps, interval sprints, strength building climbs, leg burning flats, and more.

    And although you won’t get many breaks, this class is gonna fly by. The music will carry you to the very end, and you’ll be super proud of your finish, I promise you that.

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    StraightUp Spin May 7, 2017

    Get ready for a sweat session that totally flies by. Intervals, hills, and a combo of both will drive you through this killer Spinning workout, where your heart rate will be climbing with every switchback and sprint.

    This ride’s masterful trainer, Mimi, said, “I’m so excited to have you ride with me for an hour! All you have to do is ride to the rhythm. It’s all about the music on this one!”. Get your beat on.

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    22 Minute Spin February 5, 2017

    This just over 20-Minute Spinning Class packs a punch in a crunch! You’ll get in some jumps, sprints, and hill drills, attacking each with intensity and mental toughness. Let’s get after it!