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    StraightUp Spin July 20, 2017

    The name of the ride is “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

    The song determines the drill. If it’s a powerful beat, we will climb. If it’s a high-energy fast song, we push the flat road. If it’s a fun beat-driven song, we do tempo jumps. If it’s a song that builds, so does our intensity. The Olganator’s in the house. Expect to sweat.

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    Bootcamp June 11, 2017

    You’ve heard the saying, “You can do anything for 30 seconds!” right? But, how about 45 seconds? Yes, you can! Get ready to hit four segments of cardio and strength movements in this awesome 30 Minute Bootcamp Workout with the Olganator.

    Expect plyometric (with modifications available), lower-body toning, upper-body sculpting, and core carving exercises. This workout will leave no muscle untouched and no calorie unburned.

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    StraightUp Spin: 11 Ways to Turn & Burn – 2017 Anniversary Ride

    11 world famous Studio SWEAT instructors, saddled with 11 unique coaching styles, will motivate you through a calorie-crushing, full-length (plus some) Spinning Class. Anyone can take this class, just pace yourself and take it one pedal stroke at a time, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride.

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    Spin Sculpt March 2, 2017

    In her first SSoD class back after having her second daughter, Olga said she kept it simple, but challenging, in this awesome Spin Sculpt workout.

    Olga said, “It’s a solid 30 minutes on the bike with rolling hills to work on endurance, traditional jumps for fun and to elevate the heart rate, plus, of course, fat-torching sprints. Then we have 30 minutes of full-body sculpting time with basic, but challenging, moves like squats, lunges, push-ups, and planks. Let’s get in shape together ?!”

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    Spin Sculpt August 4, 2016

    2 awesome workouts in one. Part A) An amazing short Spinning class where we’re going to climb, jump, and sprint through some of Olga’s favorite songs.

    Part B) A 30 minute killer kettlebell workout. Grab a kettlebell (or a heavy dumbbell) and we’ll cycle through some of the most basic and fundamental exercises: swing, push, pull, squat, and lunge. Sometimes the basics are the best. Remember that. Get ready, set, and go!

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    Kettlebell (or Dumbbell) HIIT May 1, 2016

    In this full body kettlebell workout, Olga is literally going to one on one coach you. If you don’t have kettlebells, then grab a single dumbbell to play the part.

    You’re going to learn new body sculpting moves like Double Kettlebell Swing and Squat, the Push Press, the Windmill, the amazing Turkish Get-up and more. In this awesome kettlebell video, the focus is on technique and form, but massive calorie burn is an added side effect! You’re gonna love it.

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    30 Minute Spin March 20, 2016

    Get ready to cycle your heart out in this low impact, but high power 30 min indoor cycling workout. This calorie crushing workout consists of a series of ultra-motivating songs, and is formatted to create a specific riding profile that will challenge you from start to finish. Expect fast standing and seated sprints, strong rolling hills, and some jumps for fun too! This workout truly has something for everyone. Enjoy the ride!

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    30 Minute Kettlebell November 29, 2015

    Kettlebell Training is a trend, not a fad. Trends stick around. Fads don’t! You’ll see why when you feel what you can accomplish in just 35 minutes! Oh, and if you don’t have a KB you can actually use a single heavy dumbbell instead for now, but go get a set!

    This particular workout is great for beginners and veteran kettlebellers alike as it focuses on the most basic and fundamental movements of kettlebell training like the swing, the squat, and the clean and press. But don’t worry, Olga didn’t forget some of her favorite exercises… Burpees, as well as some dynamic and ballistic movements. Go heavy if you’ve got it! Let’s pump it up.

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    Spin Sculpt October 29, 2015

    This fat torching interval training workout will increase your heart rate and burn massive amounts of calories! Did that get your attention? Ha. I bet!

    We begin our training with a killer Spinning workout segment where we climb to the top of a monster hill then sprint to the bottom. So… fun! Then we hit the floor for the best upper body workout, where we focus on exhausting the chest (GO AWAY BRA FAT), back, and arms. That’s only half way. Duh duh duh. Let’s climb and sprint again, shall we? Yes! The finisher is a lower body workout to shape and define your legs and buns. You’re an absolute sweaty hot mess at this point, but feeling Uh-maze-zing! Let’s do this thing.

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    Sculpt August 27, 2015

    Are you brave enough to take the Olganator challenge? Yes, you are! She puts you through a workout where there are 5 blocks, each with 2 minutes of strength, 1 minute cardio, and 1 min of core. Then you get to repeat that a time or two to perfect it! Add in a bonus round and you’re gonna be solid as a rock baby!

    Beware, it is tough, but so are you. Side note, during this fitness class pause whenever you need to take a break, but don’t take advantage of me saying that. Take what you need to continue strong, no more, no less. Let’s do this.

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    30 Minute Sculpt July 9, 2015

    Get ready to break a sweat! This high intensity circuit workout mixes traditional upper body exercises, along with popular HIIT methods, compound exercises, and plyometrics, all aimed to develop power and explosive strength while tightening and shaping the entire body. Expect to build beautiful lean body mass and burn off lots of unwanted body fat in this unique high energy fitness class.

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    30 Minute Spin June 21, 2015

    This ride has super fun and motivating songs that each take you through a specific riding profile. For this Spinning® workout, you’ll start with a warm-up, and then depending on the song, you’ll sit or stand your way through various hills, flats, jumps, and sprints. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the unbelievable amount of calories you’ll burn in such a short time, while also conditioning your core and lower body. Be sure to have water. You will need it! Cheers!!!