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    Yoga: 30 Minute Deep Stretch

    Join master Yogi, Jeanette, for a 30-minute full-body deep stretch. Appropriate for all levels of flexibility, you can expect to stretch your hip flexors, hamstrings, IT bands, and even the often missed upper-body, through breath and gentle movement. This flow was specifically designed to be great for a post workout stretch, or as a treat for a rest day.

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    20 Minute Yoga Body Wake Up January 8, 2017

    Start your day off, or re-invigorate your day, with this energizing 20 Minute Yoga Flow with Expert Yogi, Jeanette! Expect to feel longer, stronger, and reset for whatever your upcoming day might entail!

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    Yoga November 6, 2016

    Get ready to stretch all those snug areas around your hips, hamstrings, IT bands, and hip flexors!

    Not flexible? Not a problem! In this amazing yoga video, you will be guided in yoga positions accessible for all levels that can support increased flexibility and mobility. You will breathe and move in a yoga flow specifically designed to support the high intensity workouts you are accustomed to.

    The intention is that you leave this session feeling better in your body than when you began. Now, let’s get to flowing ?

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    Spin Sculpt: Pregnant & Pumpin’

    Let me start by saying this class is so… good with Mere W and guest trainer Jeanette packing a one two punch. And GOOD FOR ANYONE, BUT… if you’re pregnant, you’re really gonna love this Spinning class for Pregnant Women because all the exercises included are those that most healthy active pregnant ladies can tackle! So Mere W starts the show to get you all warm and ready, but then you should see Jeanette; she’s like 5 weeks from delivering her precious baby girl and she is on fire! So inspirational. She’ll have your legs crying mercy, your buns shaking and even your core crying right.

    Mere then takes the mic back for a super “fun” decreasing interval drill, but then to finish it off, Jeanette ignites that fire in the upper body and pushes those glutes one last time for a little extra love! So grab a light & heavy set of dumbbells, along with a mat… then press play!