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    Spin Core January 19, 2017 – “Ready to Rock!”

    Are you ready to rock!?! Cat and Bethany sure are. That’s right, tag team training brings on the sweat in this rock-themed Spin class. From classic to current jams, feel yourself motivated to push into the sprints, and power into the climbs.

    This is just a killer, good old-fashioned, fat melting Spinning class, with a few minutes of abs at the end. Rock on.

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    15 Minute Legs

    Your legs will never feel more solid than they will after this 15 Minute Leg Workout with one of SSoD’s most inspirational trainers, Rebecca. It’s a solid circuit, designed to really hit you hard below the belt.

    There are several options given to make the moves work for every fitness level, so it is something you can handle – it just won’t be easy. You didn’t come here for easy though, did ya? Let it burn!

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    Spin Core August 31, 2017

    Prepare to have some fun, sweat a TON, and run, run, run in this 45 minute fat melter! ~35 minutes on the bike where every 3rd song is a form of sprinting. Not to worry, we still have plenty of time for climbing, fast flats, and jumps.

    After the ride, work it with some core carving ab exercises, intermixed with cardio bursts. Expect a high calorie burn that’ll make you feel like it was a full hour. Nice!

    Brian asks that you “attack every song with energy,” so you best get on that!

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    Tabata Toner Bootcamp

    Talk about a Total Body Killer Tabata Bootcamp – Strength Training & Cardio mixed into one crazy full length workout is on the blocks here!

    Remember a true Tabata means 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest, where you tackle the same muscle group or exercise 8 straight rounds, but the good news is that that body part is finished at that point – like fried finished, people! Let’s tone.

    P.S. If you see Miriam working through the breaks that does not mean you should! Please take the rest periods as designed. You should need them if you’re doing it right!

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    20 Minute HIIT Spin July 25, 2017

    Need to get a quick, seriously sweet SWEAT on? You’re in the right place if the answer is Yes! Click play to begin this killer 20 Minute HIIT Spin class with Bethany! I think you’ll love the format, and all you need is your bike, a towel to soak up that sweat, and a no give up attitude. GO!

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    Spin Sculpt June 4, 2017

    You versus you. This workout is about finding out how strong you are, and I bet you’re stronger than you think, both mentally and physically.

    Enjoy the balance of strength training exercises on the floor intermingled with the crankin’ cardio on the Spin bike. It’s a perfect way to achieve the benefits that come with each type of training. And, as always, enjoy the sweat!

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    StraightUp Spin: 11 Ways to Turn & Burn – 2017 Anniversary Ride

    11 world famous Studio SWEAT instructors, saddled with 11 unique coaching styles, will motivate you through a calorie-crushing, full-length (plus some) Spinning Class. Anyone can take this class, just pace yourself and take it one pedal stroke at a time, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride.

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    30 Minute Spin: Sweating to the Beat

    Catch the beat and feel the heat in this Amazing 30 Minute Spin Class. It might be quick, but there’s plenty of time to get in some crankin’ cardio with steep hills, where your legs will march to the tempo of the music, and speedy sprints that’ll push you into high RPMs. Maximum effort in minimal time.

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    StraightUp Spin January 31, 2017

    Get a killer cardio burn in this awesome 45 minute Spinning Class. This workout will spike your heart rate with some challenging interval sprints and climbs, as well as strengthen and tone the legs and core. My legs were even a bit wobbly after class! Get it done. ~Bethany

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    StraightUp Spin November 3, 2016

    Buckle up y’all, because this awesome at-home Spinning class is a serious “Power Hour”. Expect a well balanced workout with endurance drills, sprint bursts, and monster climbs.

    Oh, and this ride is led by Studio SWEAT Trainer, Bethany, who has been recently nick-named by you all as “The Assassin” (because she kills you with a smile on her face), so prepare for your fat and your legs to be fried by the end of this one!

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    30 Minute Spin: Release the Beast!

    SWEAT is the name of the game in this 30 Minute Spinning video with Bethany! She may look all cute and sweet, but then she releases the beast within.

    Expect loads of sprint intervals to really push you to your limit and maximize calorie burn in a short amount of time. Are you ready to release the beast within you? Ahhh yeah… let’s do this!

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    Sculpt September 11, 2016

    Looking for a workout where the idea is to tighten and tone your total body? Sweet, then this is the one for you. We hit all major muscle groups… and a few times. When you begin to feel the burn as the lactic acid builds up in those muscles, just remember, that is when you KNOW changes are happening! So, get your weights and get ready to push through this challenging power workout!