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    30 Min Moderate Rolling Hills Ride

    Riding on your rest day doesn’t mean you have to stay on a flat road. When you’re looking for a change of scenery, try this Lower Intensity Intervals Spin Routine which we call “Moderate Rolling Hills” because each climb is followed by a nice downhill ride to allow you to catch your breath before heading up the next hill. Let’s roll!

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    60-Min Moderate Intensity Ride

    There are gonna be days where your mind is telling you to hop on the bike for some heart pumping cardio, but your body isn’t quite on board. Your brain knows best, so try this compromise: a moderate intensity cycling class that gives you the option to push up the effort level when you can and then dial it back just when you need it. No excuses, let’s get it done!

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    20 Min: Low Heat Cycle

    If you’re like some of us (ok, most of us), you live to sweat… even on your “rest” day. This 20-minute low-intensity cycling workout is a great way to do that while still giving your muscles the relief they need. Riding to an ultimate mix-up of country and hip-hop tunes, you control the gear, making this ride as easy (like if you’re coming back from a break in your fitness program) or as difficult as your body needs. So, let’s turn up the heat, but keep it on low!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    20/10 Low-Intensity TRX Sculpt to Stretch

    TRX straps allow you to do some of the best low-intensity exercises to improve balance while getting a killer total-body workout. In this body sculpting and stretch workout with TRX straps, we will use the straps for balance while working on lower body strengthening, and then as resistance for some amazing upper-body exercises. Then in the second half of the session, we’ll use the TRX straps for a super nice head to toe stretch. Anchor those straps up and let’s go!

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    Lucky 7 Cool-Down Stretch

    No need to hang a horseshoe, because you can make your own luck! And this cool-down stretch circuit will be one of your best tools for your good fortune. Monica (using TRX straps to assist) and Bethany (using no equipment) team up to lead you through 7 simple post-workout stretches you can follow while listening to some relaxing country tunes in the background. Let’s stretch it out y’all!

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    Low-Intensity Cardio Cycle

    Sometimes your brain may want to push it, but your body’s screaming to take a rest! Whether you’ve just completed a few days of hard-core workouts, you’re coming off of an injury or illness, or maybe you’ve just been away from your bike for a while, it’s time to listen to that body and choose this low-intensity indoor cycling recovery workout. This ride can be as much flat-road riding as you need it to be to give those leg muscles a soothing roll-out and get the blood flowing, but you can always pump up the resistance to make it tougher. Hop in the saddle and take it easy!

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    Beastly Besties Cycle & Sculpt

    This workout with Best Friends, AJ & Monica, is so…much…fun! It’s a Virtual Cycle & Sculpt Workout designed not only for those that are in perfect shape, but also for those that are fighting some sort of disability or limitation like an injury, or in Monica’s case M.S. – yeah, she’s unstoppable.

    The format is simple: Spin, Sculpt, Spin some more, then cool-down and stretch. For the resistance training exercises you can either use dumbbells or TRX straps – you pick! Let’s go have some fun!

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    Spin for those with disABILITIES

    This Indoor Cycling class is a particularly cool Spin workout designed for those who have some sort of disability and are looking to challenge their bodies and minds with an awesome online workout. And, who better to lead this inspirational ride than Studio SWEAT’s very own Monica, who herself has MS. You might wonder how it’s different than a typical Spin class. There is a nice long warm-up, lots of ups and downs, and longer and more frequent breaks. Do not think this is going to be easy, but darn is it enjoyable. So, let’s challenge ourselves together now!

    Proper Bike Setup Video: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/ssod-category/quick-easy-proper-bike-setup-for-spinning-indoor-cycling/

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    Cycle Salsa Sally

    Monica truly makes working out FUN in this Salsa Spin Class. The climbs are hard, the flats are fast, and the sweat will be pouring as you ride your heart out to a mostly Latin Spinning vibe. Let’s dance, I mean ride… ok both!

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    StraightUp Spin: Fit & Fun Ride

    The main focus in Monica’s online Spin classes are always the same… to have fun! In this Nothin’ but cycle class, you’ll begin by increasing the gear and slowing down your RPMs to build strength and endurance! That means that how hard this class will be is up to you, since you’ll be the one adding your gears!

    Once you’ve conquered the climbs, you’ll crank that cardio with some of Monica’s favorite go to drills. Let’s go have some fun!

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    Spin Core November 5, 2017

    FUN – Fast, Unique, and Non-stop is the acronym for this speed driven, no quitting, get you smilin’ Spinning class! You’ll love bouncing back and forth between endurance and interval drills, while singing along to some popular tunes.

    This energetic Cycling class is one you’ll want to do a few times, so pump up the volume and get ready to sweat!

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    30 Min Slow Burn Spin

    Get ready for a 30 minute all around fun, butt-kicking Spinning class! You’ll start with a SWEAT inducing endurance run to give you that nice slow burn, then you’ll power right into a strength building hill. Finish it off with some fat torching jumps, and before you know it you’ll be asking yourself where the time went. Let’s do this!