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    15 Minute Legs

    Your legs will never feel more solid than they will after this 15 Minute Leg Workout with one of SSoD’s most inspirational trainers, Rebecca. It’s a solid circuit, designed to really hit you hard below the belt.

    There are several options given to make the moves work for every fitness level, so it is something you can handle – it just won’t be easy. You didn’t come here for easy though, did ya? Let it burn!

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    TRX Sculpt December 17, 2015

    Time to challenge the inner competitor/athlete in you! We have a quick warmup to get you going, before we hit the TRX straps for two sets of intense full body exercises. Following that, expect a heart pulsing HIIT cardio and Ab session.

    What better way to end than with a body sculpting finishing set. This is where you’ll need that mental focus to bring out that inner competitor to keep you focused till the finish line. Get to it!!

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    30 Minute Spin November 12, 2015

    Master Studio SWEAT Cycling Instructor Brooke takes you through a killer ride in 30 minutes that’ll leave your legs screamin’ while your mind and body feel invigorated and energized. You’re going to like it so much that some of you die-hards may even hit play a second time to ride for 60. It’s like when you plan a long weekend get away, but then decide to stay one extra day, and that day is the best day of all! So grab a water bottle and bring your A-game. See you at the finish line!

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    Spin Core: Trim Down Tag Team

    The dynamic duo of Brooke & Mere W. take the stage in this calorie scorching Spin® and Core Workout. Can you say AWESOME?!?

    Right out of the gate the ladies team up to guide you into a jump ladder… just how high will we go? You’ll see. And don’t forget that what goes up must come down – down for some interval sprints baby! After those bad boys we go to a “break” to shred the core. Think MOVE during this drill because your heart rate is gonna be movin’ before we get right back on the bike for an uphill HIIT drill where the intervals get longer, but the flats where you can rest stay the same throughout the climb. Can you keep up with this amazing Tag Team? Press play and find out!

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    Spin Core October 11, 2015

    In this sweat drenching Spin Core class, Trainer Brooke guides you through one tough, crazy fun workout. The full body workout is broken up in four parts. Start by working up a crazy sweat on the bike, then hit the floor for the first set of quick core carving exercises. No equipment required. Next hop back on your bike for the third part of class where you can expect a serious power ride. Lastly, land those feet on the floor for the final set and before you know it, your abdominals and glutes are screaming at you. Nice! With as tough as this one is, Brooke knew she needed some awesome tunes to keep your spirits high and your drive alive. She delivered. Go get it.

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    Spin Sculpt (with TRX Option): SLIM & STRONG

    This killer workout is uniquely designed to maximize our time and leaves no man (or woman) left behind. You have the option to use your TRX® straps or your free weights to get it done, but know you’re gonna get worked and feel INCREDIBLE when you’re done conquering this amazing fitness class!

    Your legs are going to be the “driving” force in this class, but don’t worry, that upper body is gonna feel oh so good too. Trainer Brooke takes you through powerful drills on the bike, intermixed with two intricate super-sets on the floor. Heart pumping, calorie crushing, strength building, and SWEAT pouring is what’s in store for you. So… GO GET IT!

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    TRX Cardio August 2, 2015

    All right TRX® SWEAT PEEPS, get ready to rock and transform that body. You’re going to carve and tone, as well as challenge yourself with heart pumping cardio drills to keep you sweating non-stop. You… Won’t… Stop. Three big super sets Studio SWEAT style. Go get it!

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    StraightUp Spin July 26, 2015

    It’s all about the ride. 50 minutes of sweating from head to toe. The focus of this Spinning® class is consistent cadence, whether you’re on a flat straight away or some hilly terrain. Stay focused on keeping those legs moving forward with strength and endurance and you’re gonna get a killer workout.

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    Spin & Stretch: 56 Minute Ride & Renew

    In this Cycle & Stretch class, trainer Brooke takes you through about 40 minutes of intense drills on the bike where you’ll be soaked to the core. Power through with mental toughness, because you’ll get to follow it up with an incredible stretching & mobility focused routine that will leave you feeling relaxed and accomplished.

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    30 Minute TRX May 21, 2015

    Short on time, but need to get in a good sweat and tone that body? Yes, let’s do this. In this TReXpress® workout, Brooke takes you through a killer superset that will leave you feeling WORKED. That’s right, sweat dripping, heart pounding, and an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Grab that strap and get to it. YEAH!!!

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    Spin Core April 5, 2015

    What’s up SWEAT’ers! In this killer workout you better get ready to feel your legs and abs on fire. You’ll start off with some light jumps to get warm, but then Brooke takes you on an amazing journey through some seriously challenging hill terrain for most of the ride, only to break it up with some flat endurance work.

    Once you survived the ride, “enjoy” 14 minutes of ab flattening core work where the mid-section muscles stay engaged, without getting any breaks! That’s how you keep them fired up and guessing. It’s a good one people.

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    Spin Core: Turn & Burn

    This Spinning® class begins gradually, warming up with some light upper body stretching. Ahhh… BUT then without even realizing it, you’ve hit the gas pedal and are off and sprinting! Next you’re tackling hills to build leg strength with a ladder drill ride, followed by some fat torching climbing! Then to top it off you’ve entered into that threshold intensity zone, busting into a fast flat road ride to the finish line. As a reward you do a few ab flattening exercises, followed by a well deserved stretch. SWEAT BABY!