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    Treadmill Bootcamp Power Hour

    Please read the disclaimer below before clicking play on this amazing workout.

    Barry’s Bootcamp workout will seem like a walk in the park compared to this killer treadmill bootcamp! Trainer Miriam will quickly move between the tread and floor for 10 rounds of 6-minute sets. New movements on the tread reduce joint compression and overuse injuries that you risk with straight running. On the floor, you’ll engage both body and mind with functional training movements to support daily living activities. Click play on this power hour now!

    – This workout does involve many atypical movements on the treadmill that might be new to you such as joggin backward, standing laterally on the belt, etc. The movements are optional, but if you want to try them consider starting at very low speeds.
    – When taking the workout the first time consider not using weights on the treadmill
    – You might benefit from placing a stool or side table next to the treadmill to put your weights on. For most treads it’s not a good idea to place them on the tread anywhere.
    – Treadmills are varying lengths, just like us humans, so you may not be able to fully extend your arms like you see the more petit trainer able to do. That’s ok.
    – This workout has a lot of speed and elevation changes when on the tread so we caution you to hang onto the tread handles to keep your balance and footing.
    – The bottom line is that you should always err on the side of safety first.

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Mini Bands. Big Burn!

    This is one of the best 30-minute mini-band total-body workouts EVER! Using all planes of motion (front, back, and even the sides of the body) we’ll keep our heart rates up with the movement, long lever motions, and big and small muscle group exercises. We’ll also include stabilization drills to strengthen the core. Grab those mini bands and let’s get that BIG burn!

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    Total-Body Rhythm Ride

    From the parts of life that challenge you deeply to the moments that are easy and joyful, all are sacred. In this total-body movement rhythm cycle, we’ll connect with the music, working from challenge to joy together. It’s your body. It’s your life. Let’s make some magic with it!

    *Weights and all movements on the bike are optional.

    A special note from Trainer Miriam: “Thank you for all the love and support, the cards, the messages. It all gets in. I’m honored to be with you in sweat and soul.”

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Pure Fire

    This 45 Min Rhythm Cycle & Sculpt workout is all about functional, full-body, dynamic motion that you might have not combined before. We’ll move about every 5 minutes from the bike to the floor for some explosive circuits where we’ll use a few weights, a hand-towel for some energetic release throwing, and if you’d like to really heat it up and if you have one, you can grab an aerobic bench to spice up a few of the exercises. Either way, it’s fire. Strike a match, let’s go!

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    Kickboxing Torch & Tone HIIT

    Your inner power comes from a strong body and mind, so in this No-Repeat Kickboxing HIIT Workout, you’ll be kind to your body with some calorie-torching, muscle-toning cardio, while also challenging your mind to move your body in unique ways. Grab some light weights or weighted gloves (Miriam likes the 2lb gloves you can find here) to really engage your fast-twitch muscles and get full-body toned. Let’s kick it with kindness!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Groovin’ Party Cycle

    Hey party peeps, let’s get our groove on and turn this virtual rhythmic Indoor cycling class into a partay! We’ll ride and move to the beat in each song, incorporating both upper and lower body movement to fire up your heart, body, and soul. If you want to kick it up, grab some optional very light weights and a hand towel to add dimension. Let’s move and groove!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    10 Years of SWEAT – Anniversary Ride Only

    Let’s celebrate 10 Years of SWEAT with a super fun forty-minute multi-trainer ride. Whether you’re looking for a beginner Spin class online or you’re a veteran rider, this is a great way for you to get to know several SSoD Trainers all in one action-packed cycling workout. Happy Anniversary SSoD… let’s ride!

    This workout does not include a stretch, but we have some great options here!

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    10 Years of SWEAT – Anniversary Spin Sculpt

    Get ready to experience 10 Years of SWEAT all in about 70 sweat-soaked minutes. It starts with a 40-minute variety ride with cameos from all your favorite Spin instructors, and then moves to the floor where you’ll lift weights, dance, do some pilates, yoga sculpt, and more! Such a great way to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the best spin class app and the best team. Happy Anniversary SSoD… let’s sweat!

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    Total Body Cycle Warm-Up

    Before you ride full throttle, it’s so important to get your body ready to move. In this short cycling warmup video, you’ll do that by getting oxygen flowing from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, creating space in your spine, and heating your core to really get your blood pumping. Be sure to “favorite” this one so it’s always handy so you can always warm up before you gear up!

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    BOSU Cardio

    Fun fact: one of our fave fitness tools, the BOSU ball, is short for “both sides up!” You’ll see this when you grab a BOSU ball and join SSoD Trainer, Miriam, and Komrade Julie V. in this amazing cardio BOSU workout. Expect to hit all three pillars of fitness – aerobic exercise, muscular strengthening, and stretching – with 37 playful, no-repeat exercises. Can you handle it both sides up? Hit play to find out!

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    GYM HARDER: Sports Drills

    You ARE an athlete. And all athletes need to push it to the next level, which is just what you’ll be doing when you take on this high-intensity sports-themed workout. Your challenge is to “Gym Harder” with 30 minutes of no-repeat drills inspired by some of your favorite competitions. All you need is your body, a set of light weights, and a mindful focus on the specific sports’ goal. Press play to win it!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    SLAM that BALL!

    Time to Slam that Ball in this fast, but effective, Total-Body Toning 15 Min Slam Ball Workout, where you’ll alternate between ball (choose to use a med ball, a slam ball, or even a light weight) and body-weight exercises. You’ll use explosive, functional movement that’ll ignite a stress-release response and leave you feeling confident and energized. Grab it. Slam it. Love it!

    *Don’t forget to warm up! See below for warm-up options*

    Warm-Up Option #1

    Cat’s 12 Minute Warm Up Spin: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/30-minute-spin-classes/12-minute-warm-spin-best-online-spin-classes/

    Warm-Up Option #2

    20 Jumping jacks

    20 Bodyweight Squats

    20 Alternating forward lunges

    20 arm circles- 10 large / 10 small

    Repeat 2-4 times

    Warm-Up Option #3

    Set a timer for 30 seconds for 10 rounds

    1. Jog in Place

    2. Butt kickers

    3. Squats

    4. Mountain climbers

    5. Push ups

    Repeat twice for a total of 5 mins

    *Don’t forget to stretch!*

    Check out Miriam’s 5 Minute Post-Workout Stretch: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/post-spin-cycling-stretches-in-5-minutes-by-studio-sweat-ondemand/

    Or choose another stretch session from our awesome selection of Stretch Classes: https://www.studiosweatondemand.com/classes/stretch-restore-workouts/