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    Cardio Sculpt April 4, 2017 – TONED UP MAMAS (Perfect for Pre, Post, and Even During Your Pregnancy!)

    This amazing cardio sculpt workout is geared towards the glowing mommy-to-be, but all are encouraged to take it, and we promise… you will be challenged! It may even humble you.

    All you need is a medium set of weights (all relative), a mat (if you have one), a towel (you’ll need this for sure cuz it’s ’bout to get real!), and plenty of water (especially the mamas-to-be).

    After a smart full-body warm up, we’ll begin 5 minutes of 2 exercises for 6 different sets. We pay attention to different planes of motion, while we use strength and endurance with that growing baby and “game day” in mind. Please consult your doctor prior to exercise, and as always, listen to your body!

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    Cardio Sculpt December 29, 2016

    This killer cardio is true to name! 15 exercises, at 1 minute a pop, challenge the body and the brain. We hit several large and small muscles for a full body burn workout, cardio style.

    There’s an awesome Tabata finisher as the icing on the cake, to end this awesome total body cardio sculpt. Eat it up!

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    30 Minute Sculpt September 22, 2016

    Sculpt that body and burn mega calories in a flash with this strength, balance, and cardiovascular challenging workout. You just need a resistance band, a set of free weights and… your ENTIRE body to get this amazing 30 minute full-body workout done. Are you gonna take this challenge?!

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    StraightUp Spin: Mike & Mir’s Amazing Spin and Stretch

    Two for one special with Mike and Mir! Variety is key to sustaining a workout plan. This amazing Spinning class has you alternating between the styles of two riders to provide just that. Whether it is short runs and sprints, or long sustained hill climbs and flat road rides, this ride gets your brain and body connected! As an added bonus, we finish with a cool down that includes a nice long post Spinning stretch that helps increase the flow of blood through the muscles for faster recovery!

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    Spin Sculpt April 3, 2016

    Welcome to Miriam’s Spin Sculpt debut! This Full body “beat” down is about to grow that warrior within you. The format is this simple – 2 songs Spinning, then 2 Tabata Strength rounds, then keep repeating that until this killer workout is done hun!

    Once we begin the body in motion, expect it to stay in motion until the fit lady sings! You’ll see how we connect to the music and let it dictate our rhythm. Miriam’s philosophy is to use music as the driver because it decreases perceived intensity so we end up working much harder than we actually FEEL like we’re working. For the floor Tabata circuits we have plié squats, rows, tricep extensions, preacher curl squats, long jump run backs, man makers and more. That’s full body stuff baby! And when we’re on the bike we use the beat to power through some amazing endurance and interval cardio drills that you’re gonna love and hate at the same time. Let’s SWEAT!

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    Stretch & Restore January 14, 2016

    In this gravity and wall inspired stretch class, we will facilitate deep hip, glute, back, and hamstring stretching. We start on our back with our legs and buns flush to the wall. Ahhh… it feels awesome. The wall serves as a nurturing and barrier breaking tool, allowing us to work with range of motion habits. I encourage you to try to relax in to each pose as you feel that solid wall support. Of course we’ll work in some more traditional feel good stretches as well, and as always, modifications are encouraged to suit your personal body needs. Time to stretch!

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    Ab & Core December 27, 2015

    This ab/core class is not your traditional ab routine, but I guarantee your abs WILL BE SORE done right. How do I know? Because I did this yesterday and mine are sensitive as heck today. LOVE IT! Miriam starts us out with dance inspired leg extensions with crunches in counts of 8. Then on your feet for a ladder count with challenging balance moves such as around the world karate kicks and lunges with a twist and leg lift. It’s good fun! Very mental, but in the best way possible. Only a mat needed, shoes optional.

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    Sculpt November 1, 2015

    This class is perfect for those days where you want to look and FEEL great! Between the muscle toning exercises (compliments of trainer Bethany) and muscle lengthening (guided by Miriam) it’s an incredible Full Body Workout.

    Expect to get the strength portion done fast and effectively with combination moves working both the lower and upper body at the same time, while keeping the core stable and heart rate elevated. Get that done then breathe deeply as Miriam takes you through a full body release using yoga minded stretches, first unloading the spine and then gradually moving in to limber that lower body. As a bonus, finish with a posture enhancer where you’ll need a wall for support. Good stuff.

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    Stretch & Restore August 16, 2015

    This is the best post spinning stretch ever. We’re doing some different, yet effective, hip and hamstring elongations that will allow you to move freely throughout without stiffness in your hips, back and legs. Sweet right! Join us to see how agile and fluid your limbs can become if you give them just a little love.

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    Stretch & Restore May 17, 2015

    This Stretch and Restore session focuses primarily on the lovely lower body. It’s inspired by dance and yoga teachings to get you lengthened, and to reduce the aches and pains in the legs and hips. Ideal for after your spinning sesh! Use modifications as needed!

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    Stretch & Restore February 8, 2015

    We all know that stretching your muscles and joints makes you feel better and have less injures, but did you know that it also makes you leaner? True story. This Stretch & Restore class focuses on REALLY releasing your stress-holding muscles and their surrounding joints. Quadriceps, hips, psoas, lower & mid back, and those tight shoulder and chest muscles too. You’ll be sure to walk taller, smoother and with a LOT more comfort once you’re done. Phew!

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    Stretch & Restore December 21, 2014

    Heaven awaits in this 20 Minute Stretch & Restore. This class is great for post workout, or anytime you just know you need to give your body some extra love. The legs get a great stretch, and there’s a fabulous focus on opening the hips, which can rehab and relax the back. The hips can hold quite a bit of tension and emotional distress. When we devote energy in to them we can release and let go of what’s not serving us. Enjoy!