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    20 Min Red Zone Ride

    You’ll want to do your own warm up before you hit play on this one, because we are jumping right into drills to shoot your heart rate UP to the red zone! Every drill in this short Advanced-Level Spinning Workout will push you to the edge, going into high aerobic and even anaerobic thresholds, burning max calories. If you’re pressed for time and looking for extra bang for your buck, then this is the workout for you. Let’s ride in the zone!

    This workout does not include a warm-up or cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    45 Min Cycle: Climb, Jump, Sprint

    This easy to follow cycling workout is not easy, but you can do it! It’s a Spin class with drills that are simple climbs, jumps, and sprints – and none of those are walks in the park. Be sure you’ve got your muscles burning and sweat pouring, as each of the three three-song working sets gets progressively harder. Dig deep and earn that active recovery and final stretch!

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    Killer Cardio + Total Body Sculpt

    Choose your style of killer cardio (run or ride) for this awesome cardio + full-body sculpt class with Trainers Josh (on tread) and AJ (on the bike). After the aerobic burn, hop off those machines for a total-body band and bodyweight sculpt session. This is a fun one with a partner or flying solo. Buddy up (or not), and let’s go!

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    45 Min Born in the USA Cycle

    You don’t have to be “Living in America” to love a true blue collar, hard-work-pays-off workout. You can “Rock in the USA” or anywhere in the world with this online Spin class with an American rock vibe. With 45 minutes of challenging cycling drills filled with good ol’ American grit, your heart will be pumping like at a “Party in the USA.” Just press play for a ride that’s as American as apple pie!

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    Opposites Attract Cycle

    Are you a little bit more pop, or a little more rock and roll? Or to put it in Spin class terms, are you more endurance or interval drills? In this two-instructor indoor cycle class, you’ll see why those opposites sure do attract! Your heart rate will climb, you’ll dump sweat, and you’ll get some amazing muscle burn while Trainers Josh and Satoka push you back and forth in each drill. Let’s ride hard to prove that opposites DO attract!

    This workout does not include a cool-down, but we have some great options here!

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    Bike & Barre

    Get ready to kill it with this trainer two-fer indoor cycle and barre fusion workout. In his SSoD debut, Trainer Josh gets your heart rate up with 20 minutes of Spinning to classic and hairband rock tracks. Then join Sam on the floor for a no-repeat style barre workout. Your legs and buns will be on fire with 25 minutes of movement for toning and increased mobility and flexibility. Hop on for “two” much fun!
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