Kate from San Diego

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March 2, 2015

Speaking to Studio SWEAT workouts... I love knowing that I am working extremely hard, but that I'm having fun and results are happening!  One of these unexpected results for me has been discovering myself as an athlete.  With Studio SWEAT you will hear “How are you gonna finish?”,  “What are you made of?”,  "This one’s up to you!”, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”,  “Don’t be afraid to get dirty”,  “Attitude is everything”.  These aren’t just meaningless adages thrown around.  For me, they frame each Studio SWEAT workout.  It’s pretty powerful stuff.

I have lost the pounds and inches and at the same time I have gained the extraordinary type of energy in my life that really makes me feel alive.  This is the kind of energy that lives at Studio SWEAT.  There is a sense of community and an X factor here that you just need to experience for yourself.  Commit yourself, trust in yourself and in a few months you too will be speaking of (and showing off) your own Studio SWEAT victories!