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  • Date: March 26, 2017
  • Length: 23:03
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20 Minute Buns & Guns

Equipment: Dumbbells

Time to get those buns & guns summer sexy! It’s 2 rounds of 8 of the best booty-sculpting exercises you’ll ever find! And to make this express workout even better, in between rounds we hit those guns, triceps, and shoulders for tight and tone arms.

To make it happen, just grab an extra heavy set of weights for those legs and moderate to heavy weights for your curls, plus a step if you have one – but all moves can be done on the floor too – and let’s go!

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User Photo 14920

MM2017…Week 2..Workout 3….Short/Quick but to the point. This is a great workout to do when you don’t have a lot of time. Thanks Mere for doing this one. Have a great Monday everyone!

User Photo 12208

Perfect, Mere! Awesome sculpt, added to a speed spin for a fantastic workout! Glutes are burning and are like jelly…love it! Thank you!

User Photo 22713

Hey Mere for just being 23 mins long ..that was a tough little workout. Great for teaming up after a sus Class..thanks again..loved it!!

User Photo 198

Oh Mere! That was a 20 minute gift to myself thanks to you. I am seriously dripping in sweat. That was no joke. Straight to favorites!

User Photo 195

Told ya I was coming back to this one!! Loved it! Instant favorite ❤️ I used 10 12 and 15 for the squats ! Phew ! I was making faces like you did! Yeah keeping it real baby !!
Thank you girl you Rock !

User Photo 195

Hey W!!! I just previewed the whole class !! Can’t wait to add this 20 ish min to my next Spin Sculpt class !! You put a JT song for me Yay !!! ❤️ ?

User Photo 227

Excellent hit on the legs and biceps!! These short and effective workouts are great add-ons to a speed spin or other 30 minute SSoD workouts. Loved it Mere – thanks for the burn!!

User Photo 232

Absoulutely awesome Mere! Guns are popping! Great lower body burn – this is a great add on to a speed spin or excellent when you are short on time – loved it!
Mary W.