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    TRX Sculpt August 27, 2017

    Time to carve up that back, firm up those buns, and flatten those abs in this quick 30 minute Total Body TRX workout, where every major muscle group gets fired up – but the back, booty, and core definitely get extra attention. Nice!

    It all starts with a lean legs lunge and awesome abs series, before moving on to the back & arms. There you’ll focus on building upper body strength & lean muscle mass. Each set is topped off with a “fun” finisher to really ensure the burn, so let’s fire it up!

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    StraightUp Spin August 10, 2017

    It’s all about power in this 45 minute StraightUp Cycle with Mere W, where you’ve got two epic mountains to climb with a short active recovery in between.

    You’ll gradually work your way up the first mountain with jumps for rolling hills, as well as a few surges and switchbacks. Before you know it you’ll be to the top! The second hill climb is all about endurance. You’ll see it’s steeper, but it’s shorter, so you can do it! Let’s climb.

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    TRX Stretch July 16, 2017

    Grab your TRX straps, and get ready for a well deserved total body stretch. The TRX will allow you to get deep into those stretches and lengthen the muscles, by letting you work in a greater range of motion. We’ll start with the back, legs, and glutes, then we’ll move onto opening up the often missed chest, arms, and shoulders. Go on, hit play – you deserve it.

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    TRX Cardio: Solid & Soaked in Small Spaces

    In this amazing TRX Toner, not a lot of room is a required, but a “can do” attitude is because this incredible TRX Cardio workout is designed to be done in small spaces, and it ain’t no joke! After a quick warm up, we grab our TRX straps and don’t let it go for 40 sweat soaking minutes! It’s non-stop super sets designed to keep your heart rate high and your body moving, allowing you to crush some major calories, and in a short amount of time. Time to get soaked and solid!

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    30 Minute Spin June 18, 2017

    Let’s knock this one outta the park in no time, which was Trainer Mere W’s (a.k.a. “W”) mindset in this 30 minute non-stop, heart pounding Spinning workout. You’ll run, jump, hill climb, and sprint. Oh, and those sprints are on an incline, so… there’s that. But ya know what? You can do it, and W will be there to motivate you along the way. Let’s go!

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    Jump Rope (Skipping) & Ab Workout

    It’s time to get jumping! You’ll get soaked in sweat quickly with this 20 minute solid cardio & core conditioning workout, where you’ll simply alternate between skipping rope and performing a core exercise where you’ll use your jump rope as a prop. Fun right!?! Plus there’s a fun “Beat the Trainer” challenge at the end. Good Luck!

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    30 Minute Sculpt April 13, 2017

    You’ll get a chance to work every major muscle group (especially the glutes) in this epic sculpting workout, and the cool thing is that it’s low impact too (no jumping around involved).

    Just grab a heavy and medium set of dumbbells, hit play, and then really concentrate on your form in this 25-minute, lean muscle mass building workout. The format is simple, but challenging, with two super-set style rounds where each body-toning exercise is done in 10 rep increments. Think solid body!

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    StraightUp Spin: 11 Ways to Turn & Burn – 2017 Anniversary Ride

    11 world famous Studio SWEAT instructors, saddled with 11 unique coaching styles, will motivate you through a calorie-crushing, full-length (plus some) Spinning Class. Anyone can take this class, just pace yourself and take it one pedal stroke at a time, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the ride.

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    20 Minute Buns & Guns

    Time to get those buns & guns summer sexy! It’s 2 rounds of 8 of the best booty-sculpting exercises you’ll ever find! And to make this express workout even better, in between rounds we hit those guns, triceps, and shoulders for tight and tone arms.

    To make it happen, just grab an extra heavy set of weights for those legs and moderate to heavy weights for your curls, plus a step if you have one – but all moves can be done on the floor too – and let’s go!

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    StraightUp Spin March 16, 2017

    This virtual 50 minute Spin class is gonna fly by with an all Rock playlist and tag team effort with two of SSoD’s most popular instructors, AJ & Mere (a.k.a. “W”)! This one has it all – flats, hills, intervals, jumps, and more. Plus, a test towards the end where you’re gonna climb, surge, sprint, then repeat.

    Yes, it’s designed to challenge you, but you can handle it. So hit play and get ready to ROCK!

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    25 MIN TRX Total Body Blast March 6, 2017

    This is a TRX Total Body Blast in just 25 minutes, so grab those handles and don’t let go until the workout is done!

    We’ll start off strong with an upper-body-toning back & arm series, then move right to the legs for some single-sided drills that’ll sculpt the lower-body, as well as your core. We’ll then finish it off with a chest & ab burner to complete our full body attack! When you’re done, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your TRX Straps!

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    StraightUp Spin: Slim Down Sprints

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to start your engines, because it’s Race Day! That means speed, and lots of it.

    After priming you with some steady, body-warming climbing, the fitness game-changer begins… sprint intervals. After your first set of sprints, we bounce back and forth between leg-toning climbs and our fat-melting intervals. So grab a mop, because you’re gonna be sweating buckets. Sprint on!