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    30 Minute Sculpt October 8, 2015

    This is a quick functional workout hitting every muscle group in your body only using dumbbells. You’ll need a couple sizes (heavy set and medium set) to really get the most out of this hard hitting and fun workout. Get ready to sweat and build some strong lean muscles!

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    15 Minute Legs

    Your legs will never feel more solid than they will after this 15 Minute Leg Workout with one of SSoD’s most inspirational trainers, Rebecca. It’s a solid circuit, designed to really hit you hard below the belt.

    There are several options given to make the moves work for every fitness level, so it is something you can handle – it just won’t be easy. You didn’t come here for easy though, did ya? Let it burn!

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    15 Minutes to Amazing Arms

    Expect defined arms and a beautiful back if you put this one on repeat my friends. Just over 15 minutes dedicated to the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back in such a way that even Cat was challenged to the core (literally). Grab some heavy dumbbells and let’s carve it up.

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    25 Minute Barre Workout July 13, 2017

    Barre is one of the west coast’s most trending workouts, and now you can try it wherever you are! Just grab a chair (or something sturdy) to hold onto, and then enjoy this leg sculpting, booty firming, muscle lengthening, 25 minute workout!

    Equipment Needed:

    -Chair / Bike (or something sturdy to hold on to)

    -Gliding discs or paper plates

    -A soft med ball, beach ball, or rolled up towel

    -Set of Light Dumbbells (or substitute a couple of water bottles)

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    30 Minute Sculpt June 29, 2017

    Stabilizer muscles are the name of the game in this amazing sculpt workout, which is designed to be especially useful for those with knee injuries or issues, but EVERYONE can benefit from taking this class on the regular. Two of the most common injuries in adults are shoulders and knees. That said, if you want to learn injury prevention exercises or just functionally move better, this class is gonna be your answer!

    The cool thing is that we still fire up the muscles in the entire body, but we just do so while keeping the knees protected. You’re going to work all those muscles that support the knee, hips, and even shoulders! Grab a pair of heavy and light weights, a mat, towel or pillow (if you need protection for knees on the ground), and water. Oh, and don’t forget that awesome attitude. Let’s do this!

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    30 Minute Sculpt April 13, 2017

    You’ll get a chance to work every major muscle group (especially the glutes) in this epic sculpting workout, and the cool thing is that it’s low impact too (no jumping around involved).

    Just grab a heavy and medium set of dumbbells, hit play, and then really concentrate on your form in this 25-minute, lean muscle mass building workout. The format is simple, but challenging, with two super-set style rounds where each body-toning exercise is done in 10 rep increments. Think solid body!

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    Bootcamp April 2, 2017

    Circuits to maximize time, calorie burn, and gains (more muscle, less fat) is the name of the game in this Express Killer Bootcamp Workout.

    Expect 4 minute rounds, alternating between two sets of each exercise before moving on to the next block. Working with mostly multi-muscle group movements, you’ll be moving non-stop to make the best use of your time. Coach Mere encourages you to truly use the heaviest weight possible for each movement, without sacrificing good form, and then drop weight as necessary within the four minutes if needed. Now go crush this Full Body Bootcamp style workout!

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    Daddy or Mommy & Toddler Workout

    Expect to have a blast and blast fat with this Studio SWEAT onDemand 20 to 30 Minute (depending on if you do 2 or 3 rounds) Mommy (or Daddy) and Me workout. It’s great to do from home with your baby, toddler, or pre-school aged kiddo. There are 4 heart-pumping, body-sculpting super-sets, each having 3 exercises, one for the lower-body, followed by one for the upper-body, and finishing with one for the core.

    Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t be in shape! As a matter of fact, you can use them as your workout tool, which is awesome because as they grow, so does the level of difficulty, right!? Just be careful, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing any of the exercises holding them, just put them at your side and let them watch you break a quick sweat.

    Click HERE to download a PDF of the workout!

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    20 Minute Buns & Guns

    Time to get those buns & guns summer sexy! It’s 2 rounds of 8 of the best booty-sculpting exercises you’ll ever find! And to make this express workout even better, in between rounds we hit those guns, triceps, and shoulders for tight and tone arms.

    To make it happen, just grab an extra heavy set of weights for those legs and moderate to heavy weights for your curls, plus a step if you have one – but all moves can be done on the floor too – and let’s go!

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    30 Minute Sculpt March 19, 2017

    Get ready to maximize your time with compound moves combined with tabata-style core. We start with a 3 minute floor warm-up that’ll get your heart pumping and ready to keep up the momentum for this high-energy class.

    Oh, and we dare you to not smile, sing along, and shake that booty with this bumpin’ playlist. Let’s have some fun gettin’ it done.

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    30 Minute Sculpt February 26, 2017 – “Arms & Abs”

    30 minutes of all business… okay, and a little bit of whining, because to get toned arms and abs, you gotta work for them!

    The work this time comes in a 5-minute circuit of arms, followed by a 5-minute circuit of core… 3 times. 🙂 But, good news, without ever repeating a sequence! Rebecca said, “I ate two pieces of humble pie during this workout. Come on, you know you wanna join me!”.

    Work Smarter AND Harder.
    Best of both worlds.

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    12 Minute Total Body Blast

    Something is better than nothing, right? Well get ready to experience some good ol’ fashioned shock & awe when you see how you can fire up every major muscle group and break a major sweat in this amazing 12 minute workout.