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Spin Sculpt June 14, 2015

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Don’t think for one second that this is going to be a breeze. Cardio cycling intervals in conjunction with bouts of resistance training and core, using body weight, balance, stability, and dumbbells, will take you to the next level, both on and off your bike. Get ready to work hard, but I promise you’ll have fun doing it. This 60 minute calorie burning combo will have you sweating and maybe even swearing. 🙂 The after-burn (calories burned at rest) will last 48-72 hours after you are done. Don’t worry, you can thank me later. ~Carolyn

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User Photo 22713

Good workout Carolyn..loved the spin sections and the core work..especially the bouncing lunges..haven’t done them before..nice quad burn..thanks again!!

User Photo 15317

Came back to this one as love caroline,s enthusiasm. HOW did you manage to talas through the Tabata finale?!!? ?

User Photo 326

Loved this workout. I enjoyed the balance challenges and interesting moves. I want to do this one again!….but not today 🙂

User Photo 1763

This is my go to spin sculpt!! Your personality and coaching style make time fly!! I love the core focused sculpting!! Strong core strong body!!! The spin is brutal and i have buckets of sweat!!

Did this one months ago and it really made an impressiion on me- so different and so challenging! Loved it the second time around as well. Great coaching, Carolyn!
Heather W

User Photo 14920

Carolyn….this is the first time I’ve done one of your classes, and I hated it! What I mean by that, is that it was really good and it really pushed me. I paired into my “swear jar” a couple of times. I will be looking for more of your classes. Thanks……….

User Photo 47

What a fantastic class. Loved the different sculpting moves. Struggled with the figure 4 move bc my legs were so sweaty!

User Photo 15317

Loved this class Carolyn!!!! The cycle was tough but varied and the sculpt was new and hard! Couldn’t do the Everest’s but the rest was great!! Added to my favorites. (Had to open window in my gym – windy autumn day in Scotland! 🙂 thanks for the motivation throughout!

User Photo 1388

This was my first class with Carolyn. Loved it! I loved your music and you really really kicked my boo-tay! Sweat dripping all over. Thank you.

This was my first class with Carolyn…Definitely one of the best and more difficult videos I’ve done on studio sweat. I loved her teaching style, she seems very serious about training but very charismatic at the same time. The music selection kept me motivated! I really hope Carolyn posts more videos!!

One of my absolute favorites! I almost kept up with the speed and reps this time. Getting better each time, thanks for great coaching, Carolyn!

Amazing, agree with all the comments re pace, awesome coaching, and overall butt-kicking workout. I emptied the tank for sure! Thanks, Carolyn.

User Photo 61

This was a challenge for me , my co ordination is rubbish but now I know what to expect will definitely be trying again . Enjoyable class , sweated buckets and learnt a ton of new stuff . Happy days . Thank you x

Great class Carolyn! This was my first time working out to you. Loved the music and the creative sculpting moves. I burned 500 calories .

User Photo 690

Carolyn, this workout ROCKED! The music – I loved the variety, a couple songs had a tribal beat that was really motivating, the Tabata tune, oh my gosh, that was a toughie! Every spin section was excellently coached and made me give every bit of my all. I agree about the panning out to show others pushing themselves – that made me push hard to get over 100 rpms which has never been easy for me to do consistently, but I did it! Also the sculpt moves were brilliant. You always deliver an advanced workout, and I appreciate the modification you offered, too, to help me until I can get there. I WILL come back to this one, and I WILL grow with it! Thanks, Carolyn! 🙂

Great class! Thanks for challenging me to do the push ups from my belly instead of knees. Going to keep doing this till I can go from my toes 🙂

Thanks ! Great class loved the floor moves – most I had never done before so thanks for the new moves !!

Carolyn- I LOVED the sculpt work in this one! Super creative and fun moves. Ths spin portion was killer as well and flowed perfectly with the strength. Super job- I’ll definitely be adding this to my favorites:-)

User Photo 120

The tank is empty!

Caroline I really enjoyed this ride and you sculpting moves. Because the moves were compound and involved motion in various planes it was really challenging but very fun!

User Photo 221

That was a VERY challenging workout. There were a lot of strengthening moves that I have never tried before. GREAT workout!

Great class Carolyn! I loved the coaching, especially at then end where the camera pans out to show the members of the class hitting their 100 RPMs. Also, I don’t think I have ever wished for the Happy song to end so badly! 🙂 I look forward to more classes like this from you and the rest of the team.

Carolyn, this was my first class with you and it certainly won’t be my last! Great total body workout with a very motivating coach! Thanks!

User Photo 227

Definitely core focused here. I sort of was hoping for more traditional sculpting exercises from Carolyn, but it is good to shock the body with something different, and in that regard – this delivered and then some!! Great coaching!! You had a way of saying something encouraging just when it was needed most. And you made it fun while I burned what felt like a ton of calories. Thank you Carolyn!!

I am definitely not traditional when it comes to sculpt. The more multi-planar and 3 dimensional a move is, the more I will use it. It creates balance in the body. Not doing singular moves is my thing chica.. Hope to keep you excited and coming back!

User Photo 227

That is so interesting!! So you won a figure competition without doing singular moves?? We could learn a lot from you – please more spin sculpts from you!!

User Photo 1261

I have been waiting for a SpinSculpt by Carolyn, and this did not disappoint! Loved the variety in the sculpting moves. Thanks for the tip on the short arm problem! I used to use yoga blocks, but the weights worked much better. I hope to see more workouts by Carolyn.

Thank you girl for letting me know that worked for you. AND, thanks for waiting to take my class.. YAY!!

User Photo 232

Carolyn – great spin segments had me dripping in sweat. Very challenging! Not traditional weight training, but a good overall calorie burn utilizing compound moves. You are so encouraging and make hard work fun. Thank you!