» Spin Core: Trim Down Tag Team

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Spin Core: Trim Down Tag Team

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

The dynamic duo of Brooke & Mere W. take the stage in this calorie scorching Spin® and Core Workout. Can you say AWESOME?!?

Right out of the gate the ladies team up to guide you into a jump ladder… just how high will we go? You’ll see. And don’t forget that what goes up must come down – down for some interval sprints baby! After those bad boys we go to a “break” to shred the core. Think MOVE during this drill because your heart rate is gonna be movin’ before we get right back on the bike for an uphill HIIT drill where the intervals get longer, but the flats where you can rest stay the same throughout the climb. Can you keep up with this amazing Tag Team? Press play and find out!