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TRX Spin September 21, 2014

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike / TRX®

This class is SICK! With a hip-hop heavy vibe you’re gonna ride steady and strong for 35 solid minutes before dropping (almost literally) to the floor, where Cat leads you into a body solid Core Driven TRX® workout where your endurance strength is put to the test. That means progress guys. When asked about this workout Cat said, “I almost hurled, but I loved it. People are gonna feel accomplished when it’s over.”. You want that? Uh huh. Let’s go.

  • Class Type:
  • Trainer:
  • Date: September 21, 2014
  • Length: 1:00:14
  • SWEAT Scale:
  • 1-3 Sweat Drops:

    Low to Moderate Intensity
  • 4-5 Sweat Drops:

    Moderate to High Intensity

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