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    Tabata Toner Bootcamp

    Talk about a Total Body Killer Tabata Bootcamp – Strength Training & Cardio mixed into one crazy full length workout is on the blocks here!

    Remember a true Tabata means 20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of rest, where you tackle the same muscle group or exercise 8 straight rounds, but the good news is that that body part is finished at that point – like fried finished, people! Let’s tone.

    P.S. If you see Miriam working through the breaks that does not mean you should! Please take the rest periods as designed. You should need them if you’re doing it right!

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    Bootcamp June 11, 2017

    You’ve heard the saying, “You can do anything for 30 seconds!” right? But, how about 45 seconds? Yes, you can! Get ready to hit four segments of cardio and strength movements in this awesome 30 Minute Bootcamp Workout with the Olganator.

    Expect plyometric (with modifications available), lower-body toning, upper-body sculpting, and core carving exercises. This workout will leave no muscle untouched and no calorie unburned.

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    Bootcamp: Circuits for Small Spaces

    Simple is exceptional in this perfectly paced Bootcamp workout, designed for anyone to be able to do in a small amount of space, and with minimal equipment. You just need 1 or 2 sets of dumbbells.

    You’ll do a compound or combo exercise, which you then break into its individual elements, so you can get a little extra isolation for each major muscle group. You’ve got 8 sets of these, ladies and gents. It’s as simple (BUT NOT EASY) as that. Oh, and maybe one little twist, but nothing you can’t handle. Get to it, team!

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    Bootcamp April 2, 2017

    Circuits to maximize time, calorie burn, and gains (more muscle, less fat) is the name of the game in this Express Killer Bootcamp Workout.

    Expect 4 minute rounds, alternating between two sets of each exercise before moving on to the next block. Working with mostly multi-muscle group movements, you’ll be moving non-stop to make the best use of your time. Coach Mere encourages you to truly use the heaviest weight possible for each movement, without sacrificing good form, and then drop weight as necessary within the four minutes if needed. Now go crush this Full Body Bootcamp style workout!

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    30 Minute Bootcamp January 15, 2017

    This is a heck of a fun 30 minute Boot Camp workout! By fun I mean the heart pumping, mind challenging, sweat-inducing, body changing, calorie destroying, muscle toning, and completely rewarding kind of fun!

    The format is simple, yet effective, with a couple of 3-minute progression sets where the moves get more challenging every 45 seconds, partnered with an 8 minute superset of strength and plyometric moves (low impact options available).

    Let’s break those muscles down to build them back stronger. It’s GO TIME BABY!

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    Bootcamp: Hardcore Circuits

    This Bootcamp workout, in short, is humbling.

    After a 5 minute progressive warmup, we dive right into a 10 minute circuit of upper body lifting, sprinkled with challenging recovery exercises in between. Then it’s on to legs, legs, LEGS, and other lower body moves for an intense 5 minute circuit, which you’ll do twice. The band work is muscularly exhausting, but fun, as there are a number of options for those seeking more intensity or perhaps a little less.

    To close… all good things deserve a good stretch, so we finish with a short but sweet full body stretch. Have fun with this one! I sure did!


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    Bootcamp June 23, 2016

    Want to get stronger, burn fat, tone muscles, increase your cardio endurance, push yourself to the limit, and make yourself proud – all in about 30 minutes? SWEET, just take this 30 minute Boot Camp workout with Brian!

    The format is easy to follow, but it’s body changing challenging with (5) five minute rounds for 25 minutes of power. Each round has 2 body sculpting exercises, like an 8 point push-up and an isolating back carving row. Feel your body changing as your muscles and cardio capacity fire up then stabilize over and over. It’s a good one man.

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    Bootcamp April 10, 2016

    Cardio Sculpt your fat off with this killer full body workout. With just a set or two of dumbbells (a heavy and a medium set), you can knock out this entire workout, which is based around pairs of exercises with 4 rounds- 30 seconds of work-15 seconds off. Don’t let the short work intervals fool you though; it’s a tough one to work through but you’ll feel proud and accomplished when you’re done!

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    Urban Bootcamp

    Get ready to experience the type of burn that you KNOW is changing your shape. Working down a repetition ladder, this killer boot camp workout will build muscular endurance and burn a boatload of fat. Lots of work at plank serves as your active recovery which your legs, buns, shoulders, and core will be begging for! Modifications are given for all exercises before this Urban Bootcamp starts, so skip that part of this video if you want, but these modifications set EVERYONE and ANYONE up to successfully tackle this beast of a fitness class. Tear it up!

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    Bootcamp: Fit & Fun Boot Camp

    Take a non traditional approach combined with traditional body sculpting exercises, then sprinkle in a little bit of silly and you get Fit & Fun Boot Camp. Designed with an emphasis on quality form over quantity of reps, and such that those that are in, let’s say, not the best shape AND those that are extremely fit, can both get it done. I mean Get… it… done! The workout starts with a warm up game, jumps to Tabata strength sets, then moves quickly to 4 minute drills, on to core training, and then ends with a feel good, well deserved stretch.

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    Bootcamp: Boot Camp Drills

    Ease in with a feel good warn-up & functional stretching. Next dive into a beastly 10 minute drill that will test your man/womanhood! Wrap it up with Tabata style sculpting sets that you may need to grit your teeth to get through. Sneaky solid core work comes in, and the shoulders, back, & legs get some extra good love!

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    Bootcamp: Boot Camp Blast

    Compound movements? Check. Cardio blasts? Check. Full body torching? Check. Take it inside or to the great outdoors as Dustin wraps 2 minute cardio blasts around killer, diverse super sets boot camp style! You’ll get sweaty & a little dirty! Bring it!