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    Pilates Basics May 18, 2017

    Pilates has been around for centuries, and was originally designed to assist dancers with rehabilitation of injuries. This exercise system targets muscles that support the core. Pilates for Beginners introduces fundamental movements that teach us how to work from the core outward.

    Whether you are new to exercise, new to Pilates, or someone who is trying to get back to the basics, incorporating this Pilates class into your weekly repertoire is an excellent choice.

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    Pilates 5 Ab Series October 23, 2016

    5 Minute Abs Baby! Flatten and firm it fast with the Pilates inspired 5 Ab Series. Great for date night, beach day, or to tag onto any other Studio SWEAT onDemand workout as a finisher!

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    TRX Cardio January 31, 2016

    CARDIO is right! I mean there are some killer TRX exercises in this 40 minute sweat soaking virtual class, but people’s hearts and lungs were challenged the entire time with 45 second heart charging bursts. AND… the cool thing is that Cat was still able to fire up every major muscle group with core carving TRX and body weight exercises too. So, you add that fat melting cardio to the sculpting strength training and you have one he** of a workout people. Git it.

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    Mat Pilates December 10, 2015

    This Studio SWEAT onDemand classic virtual mat pilates class guides you into a continuous flow of core strength and endurance as you move through flexion, extension, rotation, and stability exercises fluidly without breaks. Key in on all the cuing to perfect your pilates practice, and feel free to repeat this amazing mat pilates workout to learn more and more each session! It only gets better with each effort.

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    Mat Pilates: Tall, Trim and Tension Free

    A challenging, but feel good, Pilates flow to release tight muscles and strengthen the core. We take time to focus on the breathing as we work the spine through flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion and stability. All with a focus on realigning for strong posture and mid-section strength & stability. The side effect… flat abs. Nice.

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    Pilates August 14, 2014

    Please… Breathe. In through the nose, out through pursed lips to be specific. Take the time to give your body some love with a little bit of “re-align that spine” time, where you get to work out the kinks from the daily grind and even the “hurts so good” Studio SWEAT workouts you love to take! Enjoy lengthening the entire body and strengthening your core along the way. You’ll feel your body thank you when you’re hitting it hard in your next class. Gotta love it.