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TRX Spin June 11, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike / TRX®

Well… I’ll say this to start, several SWEATers said this was their highest burn EVER in a workout. Now to be fair, that’s partially because we go the extra mile, literally and figuratively. That’s not it though. With a solid warm up followed by two 12 minute power rides, sandwiched between two killer 18 minute sculpting sets, you just flat out GET IT DONE HUN!

And, yeah, you’ll probably feel it the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that. AMEN my sistas and brothas, you just got served one tasty meal. EAT IT UP.

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User Photo 47

Hey lady, I am so happy to report that I got TRX kit for Christmas and got my first TRX spin in with you! So much fun and my body is fried (in the best way). Cannot wait for more. Thank you.

User Photo 195

OMG woman!!! I can’t believe i have never done this class before!! 682 kcal burned that is HUGE for me!!! I was drenched ! Loved is a fav from now on ??

User Photo 8

That’s so awesome Silvia. That is HUGE burn for a tiny woman. And the MUSCLE you built while taking it. Just fantastic. You rock!

User Photo 61

Really loved this class , did the dumbell option as no trx gear but still got a thoroughly good sweat and burn going on …. was so energised by it that the devil in me took over and I just found myself doing your anniversary class . Think I’m having an early night now !! Wow dripping in sweat .

User Photo 8

Hi Saskia. Nice. Love love love to hear that you got a good healthy SWEAT on. You are seriously crazy. And I love it!

Great class! Brutal (in a good way)! Bike was challenging and loved the mix of TRX and weights! Workout DONE!