» 20 Minute Spin May 22, 2017

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20 Minute Spin May 22, 2017

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

This sub 20 Minute Spin class is short and sweat, I mean sweet, well… both actually!

5 fat-scorching drills, synced to 5 energizing songs, get the heart rate pumping and the sweat flowing. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s the perfect class for those times when you just need one good Spinning set. Whether you take it on its own, or pair it with any other great workout in our library, you’ll definitely quench your thirst for getting it done.

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What you put into it is what you will get out of it…I’m a sweaty mess!!! Loved it so much the first time I did it again immediately.

User Photo 2982

Favourite class for a while Brian from a very hot attic in Manchester (having a mini heat wave over here!!) loved the sprints 3 ways and the pyramid triangles might have to borrow that one for my class tomorrow!!

Thank you for the quick spin. I truly appreciate the time it must take you to find the Most amazing music that you then match perfectly with your spin sets. Thank you for taking that time; it comes across in a flawless and amazing spin class each time.

Fun fact: if you do this twice in a row for a 36+ min workout it’s much harder the 2nd time. OUCH! Thanks, Brian!!!!

I was feeling lazy, but my wife reminded me of how good I feel after a heart pounding sweat. This was a perfect, quick workout. Thank you, Brian!!

User Photo 16014

First real work after a nasty cold/flu, I feel like myself again after that awesome spin! Thanks for the shout out Brian I really needed it at that moment!

User Photo 30767

Woohoo!!! Sprints 3 ways – gotta LOVE that!!! Very much a winner! Was A fab combo with Cat’s 12 minute speed sculpt. Thanks

Great quick workout! I’d love to see more of these because they are easy to sneak in and provide a great sweat! Thanks again.

User Photo 264

Triple-combo today! Did this full pack intensity class, then got to do the new one by Cat (as intense) and to be faithful to my Monday lady Mere I finish the trio with her latest sculpt class! The music was great and fun loved it! Did you ear the latest from Gorillaz Saturnz Barz ?? Not sure for soinning but great!

User Photo 1357

MM2017 Double Day Monday.. Man Brain that was amazing fun, tough, and just dam man lol… I love the short but sweaty, sweet classes.

Wonderful! Great format, great intensity and loved the buildup! Oh yeah, and the music! Brian you are awesome! Tyty! Great combo with treadmill interval run!!!

Oh Brian! Thank you for this quick spin. I love my early morning workouts, but today is a rainy Monday and I over slept. This was perfect. I’m ready to tackle the day!