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Spin Sculpt June 5, 2016

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Fast and fun are the 2 words that best describe this killer Spin and Strength class. 5 dismounts make the workout go super quick! So when you’re on the bike make every pedal stroke count!

One of Rebecca’s tools of choice in this power hour is a resistance band, but if you don’t have one you can do the modifications given.

With a focus on drills, intervals and hills, as well as an occasional flat road when we earn it, it’s a fat torching blast. So no reason not to grab your weights and mount up! It’s time to ride.

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User Photo 326

Drive to 25 9/25 Awesome and very tough class. Going straight to favorites (for days where I really want to work). Thanks Rebecca. Absolutely dripping sweat. 38 minutes this morning. Finished the rest of the class this evening. Not ideal…but it’s done!

Drive to 25, 7/25. This is one of my all time favorite go-to Spin/Sculpts. Rebecca, you are such an inspiring coach! Love the band work.
Heather W

This has become one of my favorite go-to Spin/Sculpts. Love the shorter segments on and off, love the band work, love the burn!
Heather W

This one is going right into favorites! Rebecca that was by far your best spin sculpt! I loved all the dismounts and my heartrate stayed up the entire time. The sculpting moves were creative and I loved the band work.

User Photo 405

I loved this class!! I don’t usually like to dismount so many times during a class but with the music it was fun! I really liked the different work on our arms too! Weights, boxing and bands! I was a hot mess the whole time! Thanks Rebecca!

User Photo 198

Rebecca this class went so fast and was definitely tough, but a lot of fun! Great cueing. I always knew what we were transitioning to, so I was able to do it smoothly and timely. You are a wonderful instructor and I always get a killer workout with you! Thank you! Straight to my saved faves!

User Photo 1763

I LOVE THIS CLASS!!! Bike work went fast the bloodwork went fast the hour flew by!! Loved it Rebecca! Added to faves for sure!!
And— top it off I got to “cast” from Chromecast…I’m giddy with excitement????

User Photo 195

Super fun and oh boy so tough I hated every time I waited for that buzzer felt so long!!! Screaming legs !!! AMAZING class Rebecca!!!

Straight to favorites! What an incredibly challenging yet fun workout. Loved the band work and the circuit format, not to mention the pool of sweat under my bike when I was done. A real master class.
Heather W

User Photo 47

This one went right to the favorites! Great format with on and off the bike which makes it go by super fast. This class was easy on the knees and a great start to my Sunday!

User Photo 227

Loved the format of the class! The time flew with great tough work on the bike, and then a lot of challenge and variety on the floor. It was easy to mod the moves used with the resistance band – I even came up with a couple of my own – so this class totally worked for me and WORKED me!! Another excellent butt kicking class from Rebecca – thank you so much!!!

User Photo 232

This class is awesome! A total calorie torching challenge! Loved the format because it provided so much kick-ass variety – as always your classes bring out my best effort! Thank you so much!
Mary W.