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StraightUp Spin June 18, 2015

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

This ride is about increasing your fitness level, along with building up the strength and stamina of those legs. We start out on a gentle hill to make sure you get those muscles loose and warm, so you can hit it hard as we run to the base of our first nice long hill climb. After reaching the peak, the road flattens out for some well deserved recovery. You’ll need to recover quickly though, because we head directly into hill climb attacks, followed by an almost 13 min drill that alternates between a high cadence flat road and a heavy hill climb. To bring it home, we finish with a couple of fat torching sprints into a nice endurance flat. It’s pretty awesome.

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User Photo 1404

I paired this with Cat’s 12 minute body blast……I burned a record high 800 calories…..I still can’t believe it!!!! My average is 450 to 600. Still in WOW… had to be the suck it up buttercup sweatband!

User Photo 22713

Wow Mere..that was a tough but enjoyable sus..those seated climbs were the bomb!! a great sweat on and a 700 kcal for my efforts!!..Nice one..cheers.!!

User Photo 120

MM2017 In the bag. Hmm, I am thinking that a Cat Body Blast may be in order here. …

Heather Loenen

User Photo 326

MM2017 Great workout Mere!! You have such great energy…you kept me going through a tough workout!

User Photo 14920

MM2017….Week #1/Workout #2…..always good for a good sweat! Thanks Mere for starting my week off!

User Photo 112

MDM17 workout 2 – loved this class. Especially the hill drills. Excellent instruction as always!

MM2017 week 1 workout 1. Totally awesome!!! The time flew by and the music was great!!!!! Thanks Mere!!

User Photo 18475

Hi Mere W I had one of those days today 20 minutes into the class and I am totally spend, but I never stop o gave up because of you and the great tunes. Thanks for pushing me. I pulled this class out of my favorite que.

What happen with the classes with 2 instructor are you guys making more of those.


User Photo 16

So glad you didn’t stop Frankie! Way to push through, I’m sure in the end you are glad you did 🙂 Yes more of the tag team classes are coming, in fact one comes out this week…I just won’t spoil the surprise of who’s in it 😉

How is it I have not done this class before Mere? I love it! Super hard – not a bad thing after Christmas eating – plus the music and format is great. Love it! Straight into favourites.

User Photo 18475

Well I did not do as well as I want it to but after being sick for over 3 weeks I did ok . I will come back to this class in a few week and measure my improvement. Mere love your classes you really push everyone hard.Thanks again

User Photo 766

Such a gem of a class, MereW! The sequencing and simple drills really allowed me to focus on every pedal stroke. I felt like I was able to give every minute my best effort. Thank you for designing these masterpieces. Keep them coming!

User Photo 120

After three weeks away from my bike this was the perfect class to work out the kinks.

Heather Loenen

Repeating the patterns of climbs within a workout makes hard work mentally relaxing; giving you time to focus on what you are doing without the worry of what comes next. Outstanding class.

User Photo 677

This class was just as great the second time around. I tend to get antsy when I’m on the bike longer than 45 mins. This was just the right amount of time for an awesome, strong workout!

User Photo 1261

Mere, this was a fantastic SWEATfest! I especially loved the flat road/heavy hill climb drill. Great way to start the day. The length of this class was perfect. I don’t always have a full hour and I hate stop classes before they are actually complete. Thank you.

User Photo 47

Woo hoo! Finally got to come back to this class. Feeling motivated so off to do your Ability Attack class Mere.

Great class Mere! Tough climbs, great music and awesome coaching as always ☺ I can tell I’m getting stronger because I’ve had to bump up the resistance on my flat road! And it’s all thanks to these awesome classes!!!

User Photo 770

This ride felt awesome, even in the middle of our 100+ degree heat wave. Great workout–thanks, Mere!

User Photo 690

Mere!!! I have been looking forward to doing this class all week! I need those hills to get stronger! You always motivate me, Mere! You making working super hard tons of fun and always full of energy! I have said it before, but I love your eclectic playlists. They always keep me interested and singing along! Awesome job!

Super fun class! Oh those wonderful hills!
Your playlist is all over the board……but all good tunes!
Thanks Mere W…..that was a good workout!

User Photo 198

Wow! Wow! And triple Wow! KILLER! Very fun. Very tough. Very sweaty. Very awesome. I LOVE to climb! And… HOLY CLIMBS! Be careful what you wish for

User Photo 47

Only got in 20 minutes before my phone gave an error message. Good news is that I can come come back for more and finish out what looks to be a great spin class!

User Photo 195

Hey iron energy bomb!! That was tough!! I really needed that shout out to push harder !! Awesome class!!! My legs are screaming at me right now that’s how i know I am increasing my fitness level loved!!!! Thanks gf 🙂

User Photo 677

I loved this workout! Finished feeling like I got a great workout and it was just long enough where it didn’t take up too much time! You delivered once again! Added to my favorites.

User Photo 232

This was a fantastic class Mere! So tough and challenging, so excellent! Great playlist too. I love your classes so much – you make them super hard but so fun at the same time – love that about you!! Thank you!!

User Photo 16

Ha..that is definitely my personality showing through, love to have fun but work hard too! Glad you enjoyed it Mary!

User Photo 227

Wow what a sweatfest!!!! That was a great one Mere. I worked it really hard and have that great feeling of accomplishment that will stay with me all day. Thank you for an excellent workout!!

Tired Mama this a.m. post late ER visit w/ teenager (all is fine now) but I was determined to squeeze in some sweat before the weariness kicked in. Thanks for a great, motivating class that got the job done and left me feeling kinda human again.

Can’t say I liked this workout but it kicked my butt which is what mattered. Grueling and tough. Feel accomplished

Mere, this was a great class. Easy for me to fit 48 min in before work. Love and hate the hill climbs and I pushed hard! Thanks for starting my day off the right way!