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    30 Minute Spin November 17, 2016

    Oh my heck! (a famous Utah saying). This is a butt-kicker of a 30 minute interval spin. We’ll be doing a little bit of everything to make the most out of our short time together. We’ve got to make some fitness gains! We’re gonna start with some glute recruiting standing, before moving to calorie-crushing speed intervals. Then we’re gonna finish with a grind of a climb. It’s time to put the work in. It’ll pay off – always does with a good spin, huh.

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    StraightUp Spin September 7, 2017

    Will this be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes. Can YOU do this? Yes.

    Many are going to think that this class is too much for them because, well, it’s Cat leading, but guess what – Brian makes a guest appearance too! AND… the class is broken up into 3 song sets, so if you can just focus on getting through 3 songs at a time, you’re golden. And maybe for some you just do one 3 song set today, then tomorrow try 2, then maybe 3. It’s your ride, people.

    Plus, the energy in this class, which was taken by about 150 awesome SWEATers around the world at the same time in a Studio SWEAT onDemand Live Streaming event, was off the hook! So ya gotta do it! With over 60 minutes of calorie crushing cardio, Cat has you jumping, shifting your weight to simulate hills (up and down), sprinting, and even pacing yourself with some fast endurance flats. SWEAT and a smile are eminent. YES!

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    StraightUp Spin: The Action Packed Adventure Ride

    For those of you that think a full hour Spinning class is boring or just too much… tell me that after you take this awesome, action packed, nothing but Spinning Workout! It’s got it all – heart pounding jumps, interval sprints, strength building climbs, leg burning flats, and more.

    And although you won’t get many breaks, this class is gonna fly by. The music will carry you to the very end, and you’ll be super proud of your finish, I promise you that.

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    20 Minute Spin August 20, 2017

    Warm it up and then crank that resistance because this short, but sweet, 20 Minute Spin Workout is all about keeping a steady and strong pace.

    Expect 4 fat frying drills where you’ll climb to a heavy tempo, challenge your legs and lungs with your race pace, power push with gear loading, and then finish it all off with a 4 minute ride that’ll surely test and improve your endurance.

    Dig in.

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    StraightUp Spin August 10, 2017

    It’s all about power in this 45 minute StraightUp Cycle with Mere W, where you’ve got two epic mountains to climb with a short active recovery in between.

    You’ll gradually work your way up the first mountain with jumps for rolling hills, as well as a few surges and switchbacks. Before you know it you’ll be to the top! The second hill climb is all about endurance. You’ll see it’s steeper, but it’s shorter, so you can do it! Let’s climb.

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    Spin: PRIME CLIMB 2

    Welcome to my favorite workout of all time – I call it PRIME CLIMB… 2! The first Prime Climb workout was so wildly popular that I was compelled to bring you a sequel.

    In this amazing 40 Minute Spin Class, we’re climbing with our legs timed to the beat of the music for pretty much 30 minutes straight. I know, I know, that sounds so hard, but that’s not how you should look at it. It’s an incredible accomplishment and you CAN do it.

    In the first Prime Climb, we went from shorter, steeper hills, to longer, flatter hills. In this one we flip that – starting with longer, flatter hills, then ending with shorter, steeper grades. Life’s a climb, so let’s start trekking.


    P.S. If you missed the Original Prime Climb, you can see it here. You don’t have to have taken it to excel on this ride, but do try it soon if you have not. And if you’re not an All Access Pass holder (why not btw), you can download the original Prime Climb here.

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    20 Minute HIIT Spin July 25, 2017

    Need to get a quick, seriously sweet SWEAT on? You’re in the right place if the answer is Yes! Click play to begin this killer 20 Minute HIIT Spin class with Bethany! I think you’ll love the format, and all you need is your bike, a towel to soak up that sweat, and a no give up attitude. GO!

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    StraightUp Spin July 20, 2017

    The name of the ride is “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

    The song determines the drill. If it’s a powerful beat, we will climb. If it’s a high-energy fast song, we push the flat road. If it’s a fun beat-driven song, we do tempo jumps. If it’s a song that builds, so does our intensity. The Olganator’s in the house. Expect to sweat.

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    30 Minute Spin July 9, 2017

    This express Spin class has about everything packed into 30 minutes. Hills, flat roads with pickups, jumps, interval work – you name it! Have a blast burning it up with this one ? ! I know I did! ~Rebecca

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    StraightUp Spin: The Smooth Ascent

    It’s all about solid resistance, good form, and a smooth ascent to the top in this killer 45 minute Spinning class.

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    StraightUp Spin June 25, 2017

    You’re one step away from 60 minutes of calorie crushin’ Spinning designed to make the time & SWEAT fly! You’ll tackle the class 3 songs at a time… Very do-able, but challenging no doubt. It’s all wrapped up into a musical package of pop, hip-hop, alternative & a little bit of old school.

    You’ll find that this amazing cardio crankin’ workout is an action packed cycling bonanza that’ll leave you fitter (yes, that’s a word) and stronger than ever. Go Team Go!

    Download the song featured in this class, “Eyes Wide Shut,” for free by clicking here! You can also Get a 7 Day Free Trial of Studio SWEAT onDemand so grab that if you have not already, or Buy an All Access Pass so you can take this awesome class featuring “Eyes Wide Shut” by Mohawk Radio!

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    30 Minute Spin June 18, 2017

    Let’s knock this one outta the park in no time, which was Trainer Mere W’s (a.k.a. “W”) mindset in this 30 minute non-stop, heart pounding Spinning workout. You’ll run, jump, hill climb, and sprint. Oh, and those sprints are on an incline, so… there’s that. But ya know what? You can do it, and W will be there to motivate you along the way. Let’s go!