» 30 Minute TRX May 21, 2015

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30 Minute TRX May 21, 2015

Equipment: TRX®

Short on time, but need to get in a good sweat and tone that body? Yes, let’s do this. In this TReXpress® workout, Brooke takes you through a killer superset that will leave you feeling WORKED. That’s right, sweat dripping, heart pounding, and an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Grab that strap and get to it. YEAH!!!

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User Photo 47

First TRX workout ever and it did not disappoint. The planks were super tough for me and the bicep set was the one that hurt the least. Cannot wait for more!

Drive to 25
Paired this with Brooke’s speed spin for an awesome and fun workout. Ab series was killer and is going to take a lot of practice. Thank you!

This is my favorite trx! I have done it lots of times!! I now do the pistols with no trx! Still can’t hold the crow that long though! Love it thank you Brooke! Hannah in NZ

Excellent express workout. Can be completed almost anywhere and gets your heart rate up and keeps it there. Job well done, keep the TRX classes coming?

User Photo 677

Great workout! Side planks and crow were hardest for me. I had to modify the side plank out of the straps on the floor. I’m not that coordinated enough to do those quite yet. Something to work on, for sure!

User Photo 120

Side planks were tough. Glad that I was outside on the grass. And, very glad to be in the privacy of my backyard :).

Crow was FUN! I’ll send in a video of me doing crow with the TRX. . comedy/horror.

Thanks Brooke, great workout! Thought the side planks and crow pose were the hardest but pistol squats were tough too. Will definitely be doing this one again soon!

whew…you deliver as usual! did a speed spin before this…great combo! the side plank/crow pose series was KILLER! all the moves were great…seriously…but the side planks etc. were hardest!

Thank you Elaine!! Such a good idea to do a speed spin with a trx-express. Nice work! Yes, crow pose killed me for sure too. Still perfecting it myself. Now, go buy that top!!! haha!!

ok, just started the workout…had to pause…to ask you where you got that fab gray/white top? brand? gotta have it! ok, gonna do workout now…but had to ask in case my little guy sidetracks me after! i’m sure the workout will rock…you are awesome!

Great workout! The side plank and pro pose were definitely the hardest. I was finally able to do them last round (for a little while at least). 🙂

Hi Vicki! Thank you so much! Yes, crow pose was for sure hardest for me. I’m so glad that you kept at it. Keep doing it and see how you progress. Its awesome how each time I get better at it. And I know you will too. Thanks again Vicki!