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    TRX Stretch July 16, 2017

    Grab your TRX straps, and get ready for a well deserved total body stretch. The TRX will allow you to get deep into those stretches and lengthen the muscles, by letting you work in a greater range of motion. We’ll start with the back, legs, and glutes, then we’ll move onto opening up the often missed chest, arms, and shoulders. Go on, hit play – you deserve it.

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    TRX Core June 23, 2017

    From the abs to the glutes, your core is going to get a solid once over in this amazing quick TRX workout, which you can load up when you’re wanting to flatten that belly for beach day or date night. It’s great to do stand alone, or as an add-on to any other workout. One round will take you about 6 minutes, or you can do it twice with us if you have 12. Enjoy the burn!

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    30 Minute TRX September 29, 2016

    Get ready to hammer out an amazing HIIT workout (high intensity interval training workout) using just your TRX straps & that body. You’ll be transitioning back and forth between the body weight exercises and the TRX straps in a fun circuit style. Complete the circuit one time through for a 15 minute workout or two times through for the full 30 minute challenge!

    The reason these HIIT training workouts (where you work in intense periods with short recovery segments) are so popular is that they are scientifically proven to keep your body burning fat even after your workout is done. NICE!

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    30 Minute TRX June 2, 2016

    This awesome TRX workout is fast paced, but with perfectly planned work to rest periods. The rests are much needed to re-charge so you can attack the working phases!

    After a quick 5 min body-weight warm up, it’ll be time to hit that TRX for some full body strength & cardio exercises. You’ll complete three, yup three, killer 7 minute sets, which are broken up into 30 second intervals battling back and forth between strength and cardio. The net result… lean sculpted legs and arms, plus a beautiful back! Good stuff.

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    30 Minute TRX November 8, 2015

    What can you do for 30 seconds? That’s right… anything. Cat leads you through a fast paced, circuit style full body workout with nothing but your body and your TRX core suspension trainer. Arms, Shoulders, Back, Chest, Core, Legs, Buns and of course the Abs are gonna get fired up in this quick one! And between the constant motion and cardio bursts peppered in, the cardio gets crankin’ too! Perfect for those days where time is short, but you HAVE GOT to get it done.

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    30 Minute TRX May 21, 2015

    Short on time, but need to get in a good sweat and tone that body? Yes, let’s do this. In this TReXpress® workout, Brooke takes you through a killer superset that will leave you feeling WORKED. That’s right, sweat dripping, heart pounding, and an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Grab that strap and get to it. YEAH!!!

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    30 Minute TRX: SWEATin’ in Small Spaces

    Tight on time and room to move? Well phenom Studio SWEAT Trainer, Brooke, hand crafted this one of a kind full body, SWEAT style workout specifically for times when you have a small window of opportunity to get it done and a small space to get it done in! Awesome right?!

    With the unique light and portable design of the TRX® straps, along with the guidance of your Studio SWEAT team, you’ll find you can get an incredible strength and cardio workout that you can do just about anywhere! So get ready for about 35 minutes of heart pumping drills that’ll crush calories, build lean body mass, and get you soaked in SWEAT.

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    30 Minute TRX February 2, 2014

    This TReXpress® class hits every major muscle group and has you moving through multiple planes of motion. Engage in a high intensity circuit that keeps your heart rate up so crush calories, while building lean body mass, strength and endurance. All you need is a TRX® strap, water and the willingness to work hard enough to break a good SWEAT!

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    30 Minute TRX: 30 Minute Total Body Blast

    Got 30 minutes to get SWEATy?? Then this is the class for you! Tabata TRX hits every major muscle group and some muscles you don’t even realize you are working. BONUS!! Your “rest” is a working rest! Grab your get it done attitude and a towel! You are gonna need it!

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    30 Minute TRX: 30 Minute Solid Body Workout

    Get it done fast with this Core driven total body blast. There is a major focus on proper form, as each exercise is repeated until it’s perfected. Simple case of sometimes less is more. After 30 minutes of complete core engagement you’ll feel light as a feather. Nice, right!

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    30 Minute TRX: Basics

    Get a quick intro to TRX® Training as Cat begins by walking you through necessary terminology and the basics of TRX®. After that she leads you in a solid head to toe 30 minute core driven TRX® workout. Odds you’ll break a healthy sweat? G-U-D, good!