» Jump Rope (Skipping) & Ab Workout

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Jump Rope (Skipping) & Ab Workout

Equipment: Jump Rope

It’s time to get jumping! You’ll get soaked in sweat quickly with this 20 minute solid cardio & core conditioning workout, where you’ll simply alternate between skipping rope and performing a core exercise where you’ll use your jump rope as a prop. Fun right!?! Plus there’s a fun “Beat the Trainer” challenge at the end. Good Luck!

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User Photo 195

THANK You!!!! Love skipping and Im getting good at It finally !!! My calves don’t hurt badly anymore ! Just A hurt so good kinda feeling of course this class is an instant favorite Woot woot! Ready for some sculpting now!!

Whoo hooo love the skipping classes! Perfect start for those who haven’t jumped in a while. Abs all fired up; yoga time now. Thx SSOD