» Killer Cardio: 30 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout

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Killer Cardio: 30 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout

Equipment: Treadmill

Short bursts of “all out” descending speed intervals are just what you need to kick that metabolism into high gear for the day. A great way to get in a killer calorie burner workout in not much time!

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I dread running on the treadmill but this class made it fun and it motivated me to push my limits! Please add more treadmill classes! I loved it!

This was great!! Took the mental out of the yuck of a treadmill. I have been telling myself to do outside sprint intervals. Now with this video, music, timer and coaching I will try it outside!! Thanks

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What a phenomenal way to introduce running back into my life. Merideth you killed it in the amount of time in this workout! Running is not my thing at all but it is my forever desire to be my thing. Bodies need a change up when you hit a plateau… SSOD.. YOU DELIVER ONCE AGAIN! Beautiful caveat to the plethora of workouts you offer…perfect escape… perfect time frame for work from home moms dads or persons. Shyann in Deep Park, Texas #SpinSisterzwithsomedudes

LOVE! Thank you so much for a HIIT Treadmill Workout! I was off for almost 8wks…due to a few surgeries! This was my 3rd workout back…it made me so happy to see you did it! I couldn’t wait to get back to working out…thank you for making my first week back fantastic!

As a marathon runner who has had to do many workouts on the treadmill I enjoyed having someone tell me what to do for once. I did this twice through because I needed to get a certain distance today and this made the time fly by! I would love to have more of these!

great workout! It’s too hard for me to self-motivate at home– this was perfect and kept me moving at a jogging vs walking pace for the 1 minute recovers. I also paused at midpoint to hop off the tread and do some weight lifting for 15 minutes then hopped back on to finish the run. Please keep the tread classes coming!

Wow, that was really a tough, great class. I used an elliptical as I don’t have a treadmill. I’m hoping you can offer more of these classes and some for the elliptical too.

I am not a fan of the dreadmill and usually find myself slogging along for a couple miles. But this workout made me push myself and it was enjoyable! Thank you Meredith!

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LOVED!!! I am one of those wierd people who don’t mind running on the treadmill….this work out was awesome!! I’d love to see more treadmill workouts!!

Thank you for an awGreat treadmill workout! I’ve tried other treadmill workouts and they don’t compare to this one. Lots of sweat and great calorie burn. Keep em coming. 🙂

Finally a HIIT workout and TREADMILL. You made my morning. I can’t tell if I liked not being able to see a timer, but I’m such a control freak that it is probably good for me. I worked harder than usual on my HIIT treadmill workouts and loved how you jogged the recovery as it motivated me to do the same. The technical issues were just part of running on a treadmill, everyone has hit the wrong button at some point and me more often than I want to admit. Thanks for the workout and motivation to finish. Nice to feel myself push harder.