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  • Trainer:
  • Date: March 5, 2017
  • Length: 06:21
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Ab & Core March 5, 2017 – “5 Min Burn”

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

This 5 minute ab workout is perfect if you want to tighten that tummy! It’s a Tabata style workout that hits your midsection from every angle. When you finish, your abs will be on fire!!!

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Great add-on, one time through was enough for me! Will have to work up to repeating it. Love Halima’s enthusiasm and energy!

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this abs workout is awesome, i did it in between reading…like 3 times…hey! got my abs and reading on all at once, thank you Halima 🙂

User Photo 17530

Love having this as a quick (but really tough) add-on to another workout. Did this after Mimi’s spin. Couldn’t do all the reps – but eventually I hope I will be able to!