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    TRX Stretch July 16, 2017

    Grab your TRX straps, and get ready for a well deserved total body stretch. The TRX will allow you to get deep into those stretches and lengthen the muscles, by letting you work in a greater range of motion. We’ll start with the back, legs, and glutes, then we’ll move onto opening up the often missed chest, arms, and shoulders. Go on, hit play – you deserve it.

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    Stretch & Restore April 20, 2017

    This stretch and restore includes familiar athletic stretches, and has an emphasis on deep breaths, long holds, and settling into position. This will ensure the full lengthening of the muscles, as well as the loosening of the joints to assist in relaxation and recovery.

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    Stretch & Restore May 26, 2016

    This feel good stretch is a special release in my humble opinion. It’s me, Cat, saying, “folks, this bud’s for you.” 🙂

    It’s a comprehensive 12 minute stretch and restore that ANY BODY can actually do and not feel inept. Variations are shown for every level. And, the super cool thing is… I’m not the most advanced, so you’ll feel really good about yourself. I target hips, legs and the lower back to loosen you up and just flat out make you feel amazing. Do it after a workout or just whenever you need it. Enjoy team!


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    Stretch & Restore January 14, 2016

    In this gravity and wall inspired stretch class, we will facilitate deep hip, glute, back, and hamstring stretching. We start on our back with our legs and buns flush to the wall. Ahhh… it feels awesome. The wall serves as a nurturing and barrier breaking tool, allowing us to work with range of motion habits. I encourage you to try to relax in to each pose as you feel that solid wall support. Of course we’ll work in some more traditional feel good stretches as well, and as always, modifications are encouraged to suit your personal body needs. Time to stretch!

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    Stretch & Restore August 16, 2015

    This is the best post spinning stretch ever. We’re doing some different, yet effective, hip and hamstring elongations that will allow you to move freely throughout without stiffness in your hips, back and legs. Sweet right! Join us to see how agile and fluid your limbs can become if you give them just a little love.

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    Stretch & Restore May 17, 2015

    This Stretch and Restore session focuses primarily on the lovely lower body. It’s inspired by dance and yoga teachings to get you lengthened, and to reduce the aches and pains in the legs and hips. Ideal for after your spinning sesh! Use modifications as needed!

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    Stretch & Restore February 8, 2015

    We all know that stretching your muscles and joints makes you feel better and have less injures, but did you know that it also makes you leaner? True story. This Stretch & Restore class focuses on REALLY releasing your stress-holding muscles and their surrounding joints. Quadriceps, hips, psoas, lower & mid back, and those tight shoulder and chest muscles too. You’ll be sure to walk taller, smoother and with a LOT more comfort once you’re done. Phew!

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    Stretch & Restore December 21, 2014

    Heaven awaits in this 20 Minute Stretch & Restore. This class is great for post workout, or anytime you just know you need to give your body some extra love. The legs get a great stretch, and there’s a fabulous focus on opening the hips, which can rehab and relax the back. The hips can hold quite a bit of tension and emotional distress. When we devote energy in to them we can release and let go of what’s not serving us. Enjoy!

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    Post Spin / CYCLING STRETCHES in 5 Minutes by Studio SWEAT onDemand!

    A perfect 5 minute stretch for post Spin® / Cycling!

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    Stretch & Restore July 20, 2014

    You push it so hard day to day, and that’s great, but treat your body as often as possible with the gift of this 20 minute Stretch & Restore. Loosen up with standing rotations side to side, then we immediately go into a hamstring release. Next lengthen it out with side body stretches. Then move back to the legs with deep quad stretching, into dancer’s pose to open up those hips. Bring it all the way down to the ankles and feet with roll outs to wrap up this feel so good session. Heaven.

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    Post Workout Stretch & Restore

    You work so hard for building beautiful lean body mass during your workout, but what often gets missed? The feel good gift to your body… a thorough post workout stretch. With a primary focus on opening & stretching the hips, hamstring, quads, calves and glutes you’ll feel “amazeballs” as Miriam loves to say. Enjoy the perfect post workout stretch & restore. You deserve this.