» Bootcamp April 2, 2017

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Bootcamp April 2, 2017

Equipment: Dumbbells

Circuits to maximize time, calorie burn, and gains (more muscle, less fat) is the name of the game in this Express Killer Bootcamp Workout.

Expect 4 minute rounds, alternating between two sets of each exercise before moving on to the next block. Working with mostly multi-muscle group movements, you’ll be moving non-stop to make the best use of your time. Coach Mere encourages you to truly use the heaviest weight possible for each movement, without sacrificing good form, and then drop weight as necessary within the four minutes if needed. Now go crush this Full Body Bootcamp style workout!

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User Photo 1357

MM17 DOUBLE DAY workout #5, OMG… is all I can say… that was a super awesome tough class…..thanks for that Meredith time to go melt into the floor with the sweat

User Photo 1401

Next day after this class, I can barely sit down to pee and my legs are so sore!!! This was a great work out!! I work out at least 4-5 times/ week, this was just a different class with a lot of different muscle groups!! It was awesome!

Paired this with Cat’s 20 min HIIT spin to warm up … what a workout!! Second time taking this class – today was definitely better for me. Thank you!

User Photo 1261

Great class. Went by so quickly and I didn’t mind that each exercise was performed four times. I am sure I will feel my glutes tomorrow. Love it.

Excellent – have a slightly sprained ankle so push ups instead of mountain climbers and mild side skaters. Worked out perfectly. I’ll do this one again – thank you Meredith

User Photo 17530

Wow wow wow! My first class with Meredith and it was great. Been trying to do more strength & stamina & this one fit the bill. Excellent instruction, good music, and not too tough on my knees or back. I’m wiped!