» Bootcamp April 10, 2016

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  • Date: April 10, 2016
  • Length: 59:42
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Bootcamp April 10, 2016

Equipment: Dumbbells

Cardio Sculpt your fat off with this killer full body workout. With just a set or two of dumbbells (a heavy and a medium set), you can knock out this entire workout, which is based around pairs of exercises with 4 rounds- 30 seconds of work-15 seconds off. Don’t let the short work intervals fool you though; it’s a tough one to work through but you’ll feel proud and accomplished when you’re done!

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User Photo 26990

Im loving being a new member….I needed this in my busy life right now (it brings me to tears) thank you for all that you guys do I love this class /on demand membership, the intervals the strength training and the fact that I feel like I’m actually there but I’m doing it from home in my PJs after work or before work in between taking care of my sick mom and my family thank you so much!

Another killer full body workout! Joining StudioSweat was the best money I’ve spent! Loving the variety and instensity and energy of the workouts, all in the comfort of my own home on my schedule. Awesome!

Hell week 2! What a great workout! I don’t want to see broad jumps or air squat jumps for a while though!!! Nice stretching at the end, it feels so good!!

User Photo 14920

Hell Week #2: Tuesday…..this was tough even though I have done this workout before. But that’s alright, what doesn’t kill us, makes us better! Right!

User Photo 22713

‘Hell Week’ #2 for a double day..Miriam that was a great workout . Loved the momentum..and the jumps etc..definitely one I’ll be coming back to tackle again..saved in favourites.thanks!!

User Photo 1763

Well crap…i got my classes mixed and left the wrong message on each…ill blame it on HELL WEEK and this being my double day:)
dont hate me meredith:)

What a fantastic, very tough mix of strength, plyo, Pilates and abs. Loved the challenge of mixing it all up for a full body sweat.
Heather W

Not sure how I missed this but glad I found it today! Excellent workout- loved the format and love how Meredith always has such creative moves!

Today was the 2nd time I did this work out – and let me tell you, it kicked my butt yet again. WOW, seriously LOVE this class !! Music kept me going and time flew. Thanks Meredith !!

User Photo 970

Loved the playlist, loved the format, and the iron planks rocked. Sadly, I had to modify some moves…too much jumping for my old knees.

User Photo 232

Meredith – that was a fantastic, total body gem of a workout! Great sequencing and flow with each set! Loved the challenge and I will definitely be coming back to this one! Great job and thank you!!
Mary W.

User Photo 227

That was a fantastic workout Meredith – I really loved it and you coached it so well. I am already feeling it! Thank you – great job!!

Did this workout yesterday, and I am feeling all those squats today! I’m usually not a fan of plyo, but the 30 second sets made it a lot more easy to digest. Thanks, Meredith!

User Photo 1763

What a great way to start my Monday!! Those iron planks are no joke!!! The class flew by– glad to see another class from you Meredith! I love your style!!

Holy smokes!! That was a great workout, thank u Meredith:) I am all shaky and every one of my muscles is feeling it. I needed that to blow off some Monday steam!!