» Spin Sculpt November 22, 2015

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Spin Sculpt November 22, 2015

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Challenge Yourself. Change Yourself. In this incredible Spin Sculpt workout when you’re on the bike you’re gonna get a combination of heavy climbing quick bursts (that will seriously challenge you), threshold training pushes, and flatter road sprints. You’ll get the best of both worlds with full body strength work on the floor where the core, especially the glutes, get more attention than the rest. Strong core, strong body!

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User Photo 1763

Meredith I love you teachingbstyle and music!!! Camera shy or no you teach an amazing class!!! Please do more spin sculpt classes:) ??❤❤

Thanks my first class with you and I loved it! Great mix of upper and lower body and great instructions . even those 8 seconds were hard! Thanks ! Jumped in sea after ! Hannah from NZ

User Photo 1763

3rd time doing this class and it doesn’t get any easier!! Love this class! Meredith you ROCK! Camera shy or not you flat out get it done in a amazing way!!

User Photo 1808

Awe, thanks Shelli. I have to admit, I hate filming my classes. But my good friend, Cat makes me do it every other month or so. Hearing great feedback like yours makes it all worth it!

This was a great class. I thought I totally had it in the bag until those last threshold segments. That is definitely my weakness- coming from high to moderate and not all the way to recovery. So freaking hard but I’m gonna work it until it doesn’t threaten to kill me. Loved your instruction style Thanks, Meredith!
Heather W

User Photo 227

Wow Meredith what a fantastic and tough workout!! You coached it perfectly!! You have a calm yet determined approach that kept me focused and motivated to give it my best effort. And thank you for providing a sculpt that emphasizes heavy weights. I am feeling this in my upper and lower body. My lungs got a beating on the bike ha!! Great one thank you again!!

User Photo 1808

Doria, you couldn’t have given me a nicer compliment! Those are all of the things I strive to provide each class so I am so glad to hear this is what you got out of it. I love lifting heavy too a couple of times a week, definitely makes a difference in getting leaner and stronger! Meredith

User Photo 770

What a tough class! I really feel like I accomplished something by finishing it–there was no rest at all! Thanks Meredith for helping me set the tone of hard work and perseverance this Monday!

User Photo 1808

Thank you Shay for pushing yourself hard during this hour. I feed off the hard work of my class and it creates a great energy that pushes us all to work harder. I’m glad you were able to contribute fully to the work ethic of the class, I love it!

User Photo 1808

Thanks Shelley! I have to admit, I’m a bit camera shy and am much more of a natural in person when I know my clients strengths and weaknesses personally. So for this reason, I film very infrequently but am so glad to know you’re a fan out there! It’s nice to hear and I’m glad you enjoyed the workout! Meredith

User Photo 232

Meredith, thank you for this excellent and super challenging class!! I always appreciate when we can grab heavy weights and truly work that upper body, plus making our legs burn! You coached this perfectly and I am definitely hitting play on this one again!!