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Spin Sculpt October 29, 2015

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

This fat torching interval training workout will increase your heart rate and burn massive amounts of calories! Did that get your attention? Ha. I bet!

We begin our training with a killer Spinning workout segment where we climb to the top of a monster hill then sprint to the bottom. So… fun! Then we hit the floor for the best upper body workout, where we focus on exhausting the chest (GO AWAY BRA FAT), back, and arms. That’s only half way. Duh duh duh. Let’s climb and sprint again, shall we? Yes! The finisher is a lower body workout to shape and define your legs and buns. You’re an absolute sweaty hot mess at this point, but feeling Uh-maze-zing! Let’s do this thing.

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User Photo 15317

Olga!! That was brutal!! I was at my max many times! Loved the sculpt, monkey arms as Rebecca would say ?. Could you maybe do a 45 min spin sculpt? Or 45 min sculpt?

Holy crap Olga! This workout nearly killed me. The spin was brutal and I loved splitting the upper and lower body weight work. I was huffing and buffing! Great workout

User Photo 14244

I thought this would be a great workout before the snow hit in Boston yesterday. The plan was to workout, watch my son’s basketball game on TV and then battle the snow. I worked out, watched first half of game, fell asleep and just got the energy to battle the elements this morning. Great class. Kicked my rear end. Thank you Olga!!!

User Photo 766

Olganator kicked my butt again, and you pushed me to use my heavy weights for some of the moves. I’ll be back for this one again. The spin segments are mercifully brief but so darn hard, and the sculpt is heavy. Love it!

Even with an extra hour of sleep, this nearly offed me. Wow! The bike segments were so brutal; great variety of strength training moves to further wipe me out. Awesome!

User Photo 232

Olga, that was seriously so challenging and hard!! The spin segments had me at my anaerobic threshold many times, and the sculpt burned in a great way! Thank you for your encouragement to get me through this class. Whew!

User Photo 227

Seriously hard and and challenging workout on the bike and on the floor. I am feeling this all over. Loved the format! Really appreciated how you pushed us to do our best. I will be back for this one and yes Olga you kicked my butt!!