» 25 MIN TRX Total Body Blast March 6, 2017

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  • Date: March 6, 2017
  • Length: 27:19
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25 MIN TRX Total Body Blast March 6, 2017

Equipment: TRX®

This is a TRX Total Body Blast in just 25 minutes, so grab those handles and don’t let go until the workout is done!

We’ll start off strong with an upper-body-toning back & arm series, then move right to the legs for some single-sided drills that’ll sculpt the lower-body, as well as your core. We’ll then finish it off with a chest & ab burner to complete our full body attack! When you’re done, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your TRX Straps!

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User Photo 16

Thanks Robin! Yes those lat pulls are so awesome, so hard to get those lats sometimes but the TRX rocks for that. Just working you up to doing pull ups 🙂

User Photo 47

Just knocked this out in my hotel room while traveling for work. What an awesome workout Mere. Pistol squats on TRX are one of my favorites. Thank you.

User Photo 195

Hey GF you did it again!!! Love combo moves!! I added this AMAZING 25′ to your spin sculpt ( body weight) of this week BSP And i feel great! A little shaki on my arms but happy!!! Thank you !!!

I love TRX! More TRX classes please! This one is great. I was short on time this morning and this class was perfect. Hit everything in 25 minutes. Would be a great add-on class too. Thank you, Mere!

This was a great birthday surprise when I saw this bonus class posted today!! I think that we hit every part of the body!! Straight to favorites (with the other 100+ classes that I have marked as a favorite!!).
Thanks Mere for another great class!!

User Photo 16

Happy Belated Birthday Valerie! Yup I’m pretty sure we got every part of the body in the tone. Haha, you need to get a favorites of your favorites button 🙂

User Photo 16

Yes they are Amy! But the TRX does a great job of it. You can keep progressing those even more and work your way up to pull ups on the TRX.