Single Class Downloads

Go a la carte and Internet free with our Single Class Downloads

Access your workout on-the-go, no Internet access required.

Play your download as many times as you’d like on your favorite device, just like your music from iTunes®

No need to buy a pricey bike from us! Use ANY indoor cycling bike to Spin®!

Check out the Sample Class Preview to your right!

Our Classes

We offer a SOLID VARIETY OF SPECIALIZED CLASSES. Spinning® classes are our flagship, but that’s not all we have. You can purchase Single Download Classes of any variety, or you can get unlimited access to any of these Total Body workouts with the All Access Pass:

  • Spinning® Classes, such as StraightUpSPIN® and classes that combine Spinning® with strength training, core training, Pilates, and more.
  • TRX® Workouts. Full body classes that burn fat and build lean body mass, all while strengthening the core.
  • Small Group Training and Boot Camp style workouts
  • Express Strength and Cardio Workouts
  • Stretch and Restore Classes

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  • $5.88 per Single Class Download for All Access Pass Holders
  • $7.88 per Single Class Download for anyone else
  • $19.88/mo or $198.88/year for Unlimited Class Streaming with an All Access Pass

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Single Class Downloads are $5.88/download for All Access Pass holders and $7.88/download for anyone else

Just Pick, Purchase & Play!

Hand select classes a la carte style from our vast menu of downloadable body sculpting, fat torching workouts. Then play them as often as you’d like on your favorite device, like your smart phone, tablet, pc, or even your TV (see our FAQ section for more on this cool option).

Single Class Downloads vs. The All Access Pass

With the All Access Pass (AAP) you get unlimited class streaming for only $19.88/mo. That’s, no doubt, the most bang for your buck, but you DO need Internet access for that option. With Single Class Downloads, you do NOT need Internet Access. You just download the class to your PC, then sync with any device you’d like! It’s just like downloading your favorite music on iTunes®.

Do you have DVDs available?

No, but you can easily turn a Single Class Download into a DVD! Just buy the Single Class Download, then burn it onto a DVD!

What do most people do, Single Class Downloads or the All Access Pass?

Both! Most people use the Single Class Downloads to compliment their All Access Pass. The Single Class Downloads give them access to SSoD at times when their Internet might be acting up or they are traveling with limited Internet access. All Access Pass holders have access to purchase Single Class Downloads at a discounted rate, and then they use their All Access Pass on a more regular basis to enjoy complete access to every single class we release (8 to 10 per month).

Are All Classes Available as Single Class Downloads?

No, not all the classes we release are available as Single Class Downloads.

Can I see the Class Options?

Sure! You can view all of the Single Class Downloads and the All Access Pass Class Library with the links below. View All Single Class Downloads >> View the All Access Pass Class Library >>